Artist has Gotze what it takes sketching Germany’s World Cup hero

His extra-time goal against Argentina in the World Cup final sent the German nation into a state of hysteria, and now artist Heather Rooney has immortalized the face of Mario Gotze in a sketch.

Similar to Germany’s performance in the final, it starts slowly, but comes good at the end.

What a work of art — not unlike Gotze’s goal to win the World Cup.

Heather has drawn several other famous footballers, and you can see more of her brilliant work here.


Mesut Ozil promises to pay for 23 childrens’ surgeries following World Cup win


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German international Mesut Ozil won the World Cup just last week, but now he’s making inroads into winning our hearts.

Ozil initially pledged to pony up for 11 surgeries for children in Brazil prior to the World Cup, as part of the BigShoe campaign:

A generous gesture by itself, now Ozil’s pledge has more than doubled in size since winning the coveted World Cup. Instead of sponsoring 11 surgeries, the Arsenal standout will pay for operations for 23 kids — the same number of players in the German squad. Ozil explained the contribution Facebook:

dear fans,
prior to the #WorldCup I supported the surgery of eleven sick children. since the victory of the #WorldCup is not only due to eleven players but to our whole team, I will now raise the number to 23. this is my personal thank-you for the hospitality of the people of Brazil. #Bigshoe #Brasil2014

The World Cup truly does seem to bring out the best in people, and certainly did in Mesut Ozil’s case … a class player and a class person.

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Patience is a virute! Fan gets second chance to attend World Cup final


It has taken sixty-four years but one World Cup fan will finally get to attend the final match of the world’s biggest tournament.

Brazilian Joedir Sancho Belmont had tickets to the 1950 World Cup final in which Brazil lost 2-1 to Uruguay — but he was unable to attend because he chose to look after his dying mother.

Now the 85-year-old has been given a second chance.

Belmont offered his original ticket to FIFA when he heard of their plans to open a new museum. FIFA accepted and, in exchange, gave him three tickets for the 2014 final.

Awesome, right?

This year’s final will be played at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, the scene of the 1950 heartbreak.

Note to self, always, ALWAYS save ticket stubs.

(h/t NPR/Reuters)

Photo courtesy of Action Images. 


Full of confidence! Team USA books flight home after World Cup final

He’s survived the Group of Death, but Jurgen Klinsmann’s revelation of the USA squad’s travel plans infer that he isn’t done just yet.

After booking a last-16 clash with Belgium — who hold a 100% record at the 2014 World Cup — Klinsmann told the press that his team plans to fly out from Brazil on July 13.

Before you check your calendars, that date should sound familiar: It’s the day after the World Cup final, after all. “You can always change your flights,” was Klinsmann’s clever quip.

Whether it’s mind games, confidence or just good planning, we like it. You’d forgive the United States for getting ideas above their station, with the side rightfully receiving plaudits for making the knockouts. Belgium lie in wait, and Klinsmann is wary of the Red Devils’ star power.

Klinsmann told the New York Daily News:

“Belgium is one of the secret favorites in the World Cup because of the players they have. We have absolutely no fear at all. We’re in position to challenge them. We have the foundation to beat them.”

Considering Klinsmann’s thoughts on Team USA’s chances before the start of the tournament, this seems to be a complete 180-degree turn, despite USA’s daunting 50-1 odds.

The huge clash will take place next Tuesday, with the winner facing either Argentina or Switzerland in the quarterfinals. Good luck, boys.

(H/T NESN and New York Daily News)