The top 5 social media moments of the World Cup

Yes, we know it’s already been almost a week since the final. So? We can’t get over it, okay?

5. Robin Van Persie’s diving header


After RVP’s signature goal against Spain, we all should’ve known. This was going to be the World Cup of Goals. In fact, Brazil ended up equaling France ‘98 for the most goals ever at a singe World Cup, few as pretty and none as unique as the flying Dutchman’s.

4. Costa Rica, CONCACAF takes world by storm


First the World Cup’s Cinderella beat Uruguay, then Italy. Then they sealed England’s elimination, and waltzed all the way to the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, Mexico and the United States also did their qualifying region proud. (We’ll forget Honduras was there). CONQUERCAF, indeed!

3. Tim Howard’s goalkeeping performance for the ages


America’s No. 1 made 15 saves against Belgium in the Round of 16, the most saves by a World Cup goalie since 1966. And though the USA didn’t advance, he did become the best internet meme of the World Cup, and that has to count for something.

2. Luis Suarez mistakes Giorgio Chiellini for chicken parmesan


We don’t need to explain this one, do we? Heck, Suarez even inspired his own version of Pac-Man! Sometimes, some things are just so bad that they’re great.

1. Fuleco just can’t hide his excitement

Sorry, nothing could ever beat this. Fuleco has locked down the title of most outrageous World Cup mascot of all time.


Amateur team’s arm-folding routines show World Cup stars how it’s done

Let’s face it, the most underrated part of the 2014 World Cup has been the arm-folding routine before each match to announce the starting lineups. From Benoit Assou-Ekotto’s famous smile to Arjen Robben’s perfect form, the awkward yet hilarious practice of players turning to their left and crossing their arms will surely live on in World Cup lore like Germany’s 7-1 shellacking of Brazil.

But now, one amateur football team has gone above and beyond in their efforts to elevate the arm-folding game to new heights. Dare FC, comprised of members at London creative agency Dare, offered their unique takes on the newest craze:

The “Oh no you didn’t:”

The Nonconformist:

The Whoopsy Daisy:

The Macarena:

The Mathieu Valbuena:

The Big Tease:

Truly outstanding. Check out the rest of the team here!

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Flop Life: What if we all acted like World Cup stars?


(Image: Action)

Hey, we all know football is “the beautiful game,” but that doesn’t mean the sport is without its faults. Diving, unfortunately, is and will always be part of the game, and this World Cup has once again made that abundantly clear. (We’re looking at you, Arjen Robben.)

Going down like a sack of potatoes, flailing in the air and writhing on the ground in agony, all over the slightest of touches to one’s arm or foot - what if we all did that in real life?

That hypothetical is answered by Fourgrounds Film, a Canadian video production company, and underscores the absurdity of some footballers’ embarrassing actions on the field. The result, of course, is hilarious! Just watch:




Germany’s Per Mertesacker raps ‘Ice Ice Baby’ in mash-up remix

Germany’s performance left a lot to be desired in their Round of 16 triumph over Algeria and defender Per Mertesacker was obviously feeling the heat in his post-match interview. His grumpy reaction has since been given a brilliant rap remix.

Mertesacker and his teammates came in for a lot of criticism after victory, and the lanky German snapped at a one reporter.

‘What do you want from me? We’re in the last-8,’ he said.

Before adding: ‘I’m going to lie in the ice-bath for three days!’

German website, 11Freunde, saw their chance and remixed his interview with Vanilla Ice classic ’Ice Ice Baby’. Check it out:

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World Cup Day 14: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

First thing’s first: make sure you all print out the sick note courtesy of USA manager Jurgen Klinsmann so that you can watch the big game on Thursday. Do it! 

Got it? Okay, cool. Now let’s see what happened Wednesday in another edition of World Cup: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:



Did you need any more proof that this is Lionel Messi’s tournament? You got it on Wednesday.

Messi left it late before winning Argentina’s first two games with a pair of superb goals, but he wasted no time against Nigeria. La Pulga went for pure power scoring his first in the third minute, then produced a signature free kick for his second before halftime.

And because Nigeria also had their scoring boots on, the World Cup of Goals continued:

Quiet, Rio:

Even Iran scored on Wednesday, which is significant because…

In the late games, Xherdan Shaqiri lit it up for Switzerland.

"Shaq Attack" scored the 50th hat trick in World Cup history and the second of 2014 after Thomas Muller, his Bayern Munich teammate. 

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World Cup Day 12: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Monday kicked off the final round of group stage games in Brazil, which meant we all had to suddenly change the way we watch the World Cup.

Gone are the marvelous triple-headers that distracted us from our work occupied us throughout each day. Arrived is carpal tunnel syndrome, a side-effect from the frantic remote-clicking that comes with the trouble of trying to watch two games simultaneously (If you’re not one of the lucky ones with two-monitor set-ups at home or in the office). Still worth it.

Though we have slightly less football to watch, Monday certainly didn’t disappoint. Here is “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” from Day 12:



With apologies to Neymar, Monday was all about one person: Mexico coach Miguel Herrera. If you’re not a fan of this contagiously passionate and charming, triple-chinned man, you most likely don’t have a soul.

Herrera, for those who don’t recall, became El Tri’s fourth manager in the span of just six weeks last October, after his three predecessors combined to put Mexico on the brink of failing to even qualify for this summer’s extravaganza.

Herrera stepped in and helped secure El Tri’s ticket to Brazil in a playoff against New Zealand, and the team has never looked back since. On Monday, Herrera led his country to its sixth straight World Cup knockout stage, fist-pumping and player-hugging and shouting all the way. It was glorious. There is no discussion he is the most exciting manager in all of sports, today:




If you needed any more reason to love Herrera, this is what he looked like as a player for El Tri:

We can all count ourselves lucky that Mexico remains in the tournament.

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Thomas Muller serves up his shot on a plate. Literally.


Germany’s Thomas Muller is just 24 years old and already one of the World Cup’s great scorers, with eight goals to his name in just seven career games.

But in a practice session on Thursday, the 2010 Golden Boot winner and joint-leading scorer in Brazil was a ways off target. Looking to hit a mini-net in a drill, Muller instead drove his effort high and wide… and straight onto a poor fan’s dinner plate.


Everything’s easier on bigger goals, isn’t it?