Spaniard predicts 5-1 rout by Netherlands, wins $135K in gas

It was the highest scoring game in the World Cup so far, and probably one of the more surprising results.

And yet, a Spanish fan managed to predict his team’s 5-1 loss to the Netherlands. 

Jacobo Ríos-Capapé, a 56-year old architect and ex-referee from Valencia, may be mourning the embarrassing loss but can at least celebrate winning a contest organized by Spanish fuel company, Cespa.

Ríos-Capapé submitted his guess of 5-1 weeks before the match along with 120,000 entries with the hopes of winning the grand prize, $135,000 worth of free gasoline. 

It turns out he was the only entrant to guess the correct result. He explained the logic behind his guess to MARCA:

"Hoping that Spain would win, of course, I thought that if Holland were to beat us, it would be big, so I came up with the 5-1 scoreline, without being very convinced by it. Actually after, I thought it was outrageous and wouldn’t happen."

He’s not done yet. Ríos-Capapé told MARCA that he’s entering a guess into the next contest for Spain’s match against Chile.

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Tahiti FA now awards 1 point for losses to ‘prevent sadness’


Get pumped, Tahiti. Losing isn’t so bad.

A recent, bizarre rule change in Tahitian soccer has softened the blow for losing teams considerably.

Tahiti’s Football Association have revamped their scoring system in the domestic leagues so that winners now pick up four points instead of three, a draw yields two points, and losers pick up one point. Yes, losing teams now literally get rewarded just for showing up.

And here’s the kicker: it’s all because they “don’t want anyone to be sad.”

FA director Charles Ariiotima explained the compensation for losers, which as far as we know is the first of its kind, to ESPN Brasil:

We just don’t want anyone to be sad. With this system, even if a team loses every game, they won’t be on zero points at the end of the season. Football, first of all is joy.

Think we’re kidding? Here’s some hard, black-on-white proof:


Tahiti knows a thing or two about losing, of course, though they never seemed particularly upset about it. Tahiti’s national team had a memorable time in Brazil during this summer’s Confederations Cup, despite losing all three of its games and getting outscored a whopping 24 goals to 1.


Yayyy, losing!

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