Manager wakes up from coma after hearing his team won their first match


Wayne Thorne with wife Mandy (via @BathSport)

A devastating car accident left Larkhall Athletic manager Wayne Thorne in a week-long coma. All it took for him to wake up was his wife uttering those sweet three little words: Honey, we won.

Thorne had just begun his second season in charge of the semi-pro club when, on his way home from his second job as a kitchen fitter, a head-on collision left him with a ruptured artery in his heart, 16 crushed ribs, a punctured lung, a broken sternum, a dislocated and broken hip and pelvis, as well as a fracture below his left knee.

Lucky to be alive, Thorne underwent a series of surgeries that induced a coma. He remained unresponsive for a week, up until his wife and brother let him know the club had won their opening match of the season. Larkham beat Bridport 4-3 after storming back from a 1-3 deficit.

In an interview with The Guardian, Mrs. Thorne added:
"On the first Saturday Larkhall had a game and me and his brother told him the score and he opened his eyes. I know studies have shown that they can hear you and me and his brother truly believe he heard us. It was brilliant to see, because he absolutely loves his football and is so dedicated to Larkhall Athletic.”
Who says sports can’t heal all wounds?


Thorne (fourth from the bottom right) in Larkhall’s team photo. Image via WAATP

Heineken offers Champions League final tickets to persuasive husbands

In this hilarious promotion from Heineken is an example of what happens when soccer gets in the way of shopping.

If any of these husbands can persuade their wives to buy two plastic chairs for $2,000, Heineken will give them two tickets to the UEFA Champions League final. The only catch: They aren’t allowed to mention the tickets. With skepticism aplenty, they try every trick in the book to get it done.

Watch the hilarious video and find out if any of them can pull off “The Negotiation.”


During Bayern Munich’s German Cup semifinal victory against Wolfsburg earlier in the week, French midfielder Frank Ribery was caught smooching with his wife Wahiba from the stands. No problem, right? That all depends on whom you ask.

You see, the lovey-dovey pair exchanged lip action while the Frenchman kept his eyes glued to his teammates and with a full face of food at that. To add further insult, Ribery wiped away the kiss once their gentle lips unlocked.

Ah, Frenchman. Vive l’amour!


Zinedine Zidane just keeps adding to his already full list of duties.

He is the director of football for Real Madrid, while getting his coaching badges and of course the ever-taxing task of just being Zizou. But now he’s added “part-owner of a French fourth division club” to his resume.

How did a lowly side like Rodez Aveyron Football catch the attention of the soccer legend? A bold approach and a little bit of luck.

Zidane was in Rodez, his wife’s hometown, visiting his in-laws when the club’s cash-strapped owners found out he was in the area.

From the BBC:

"Some people came to see me about their ambitions for Rodez football club and it seemed interesting. Things needed to be done and I wanted to help out," said Zidane.

"I come from the streets, a difficult neighbourhood. I have never forgotten my roots. It’s not because you work for the biggest club in the world that you forget everything beforehand. It’s thanks to my in-laws that I have discovered this club and family. I love this region and spending time here and I feel at home."

He hopes to help the club climb back up to the second division. Good luck, Zizou!

Via Dirty Tackle.