USA fans petition to have Reagan Airport renamed after Tim Howard


Tim Howard fever has well and truly taken over the USA’s post-World Cup reaction. The keeper has become so popular that some fans started an official White House petition to rename Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport after Howard.

Despite the USA’s dramatic 2-1 extra-time defeat to Belgium on Tuesday, Premier League goalie Howard came out smelling of roses with a heroic effort in between the sticks.

The fans started the petition on a section of the White House website calling for the renaming of the Ronald Reagan Airport.

“We politely request that we rename the airport to recognize his accomplishments, and meritorious service to the United States of America,” the petition read.

Any member of the public can start a petition on the “We the People” site, launched by the White House to give the people a voice. If the petition gets enough support — usually 100,000 signatures — then the White House staff will review it and issue an official response.

The man from New Jersey with an impressive beard managed a record-breaking 16 saves — the most in a World Cup match since 1966 — even inspiring a social media meme with the hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave…

…and a change in the Wikipedia page for the U.S. Secretary of Defense:

Following their exit, an emotional Howard shared words of encouragement for the national team going forward.

“The dream fell short, but this is an incredible group, and we’ll never forget this night,” he said. 

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President Barack Obama shows off his impressive soccer moves

Juggling a global financial crisis, a possible insertion in Syria (and not to mention being a father and husband) can’t be an easy task for anyone. But juggling a soccer ball? All in a day’s work for the POTUS.

Barack Obama dropped by a high school in New York and crashed the practice of the girls and boys soccer teams. The Commander-in-Chief deftly takes a first touch for a quick juggle before greeting the entire boys team.

When’s the last time a guy in slacks and dress shoes moseyed onto a high school practice field and elicited that kind of awesome reaction? Truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and a reminder to youngsters to stay in school:

President Obama meeting the boys team at Tully Junior-Senior High School (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

And of course, President Obama drops by to meet the Tully Junior-Senior High School girls soccer team (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

And just for kicks, President Obama takes aim and shows off his footie skills (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

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President Barack Obama welcomes LA Galaxy to the White House


President Barack Obama welcomed Landon Donovan and his Los Angeles Galaxy teammates to the White House on Tuesday honoring the MLS Cup champions’ second consecutive league championship.

Obama honored the Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League, whose Stanley Cup was on display in the East Room. He also welcomed the LA Galaxy, the championship Major League Soccer team.


Landon is back!

After a long sabbatical from soccer, Landon Donovan has finally rejoined the LA Galaxy on their trip to the White House.

Image via @LAGalaxy

Image via @MarceloSarvas

The team had a morning training session, and then went off to the White House where President Obama will honor the two-time defending MLS Cup champions, along with Stanley Cup champions LA Kings, in a special ceremony.

Image via @LAGalaxy


Donovan enjoying time off … in Madison?

Photo courtesy of @23botter

The United States men’s national team hosts a crucial World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica Friday night. With numerous injuries plaguing Jurgen Klinsmann’s squad, you would figure Landon Donovan - USA’s all-time leader in goals and assists - could step in to help his country earn a World Cup bid, right?

Guess again.

The LA Galaxy star, currently on an organized sabbatical, was spotted in Middleton, Wis., earlier this week playing pickup soccer at an indoor facility and wearing, of all things, a University of Wisconsin soccer T-shirt.

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