FC Santa Claus promoted to Finnish third division

As the debate over the existence of Santa Claus rages on in kindergartens around the world, one thing we do know for certain: FC Santa Claus is an actual, real football club in Finland. With a very awesome logo, too:


And wouldn’t you know, Santa just got promoted!

Yes, Christmas has indeed come early for the supporters of this small club inside the Arctic Circle (Lapland, more specifically) after clinching promotion to the Kakkonen division of Finnish football. The decisive goal was scored by Kris Kring… — nah, just kidding — Jaakko Paavilainen in the 94th minute of their match vs ORPa, sending the team’s commentators into a frenzy:

Watch out, Kakkonen squads. Santa Claus really is coming to town!

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Idiotic! Hearts captain knocks down opposing manager after scoring

Here’s a bizarre incident from the Scottish Premier League’s relegation group: Hearts captain Jamie Hamill celebrated his penalty goal against Ross County by literally steamrolling opposing manager Derek Adams on the sidelines!

Yeah, good luck trying to figure out what was going through Hamill’s mind here:

The oddest bit? He doesn’t even appear to be cognizant of what he had just done. Actually, he seems rather pleased with himself:

Truly one of the weirdest red cards we’ve ever seen.

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Levante’s revolutionary “twin free-kick” routine fails miserably

Just like they drew it up!

Levante found themselves down 1-0 to Villareal in the final minutes of stoppage time this past Saturday when the perfect chance for a late equalizer presented itself - a free kick roughly 20 yards out from goal. But rather than attempting a straightforward, direct free kick with a point on the line, Levante’s Victor Casadesus and Ruben Garcia decided this was the perfect opportunity to try out a cunning, new playground routine.

Both players ran up to the ball simultaneously looking to deceive the wall and goalkeeper, which sounds like a good idea. But apparently they failed to tell each other who was supposed to actually kick the ball, and so they both did, resulting in this miserable fail (not to mention zero points for Levante.)

Communication is key, lads.

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Parma surprise visitors with random gifts during pregame handshakes

Fiorentina drew 2-2 at Parma on Monday night, but their players left town with much more than a point. Thanks to Parma kit sponsor Vorwerk, each Fiorentina player got their very own free vacuum during the pregame handshake line!

Turns out, it was all an attempt by the household appliance company to take part in Parma’s centennial celebration, and La Viola were the lucky beneficiaries from the gesture. (Parma’s players also received a vacuum, of course). Not that many of the players seemed particularly thrilled by the gift.

Embracing the randomness of the situation, Parma CEO Pietro Leonardi acknowledged “it is an unusual way to celebrate the first century of our team, we are sure.”

Unusual? Maybe just a little.



This is how you score on a slide tackle from 75 yards out

Just like they drew it up!

In an Italian fourth division match between Vigor Lamezia and Tuttocuoio 1957, Lamezia’s Domenico Zampaglione scored the only goal of the game via — get this — a slide tackle from deep in his own half. This easily beats the record for “longest unintentional slide tackle goal ever,” previously held by Karlsruhe’s Sebastian Langkamp in 2009.

It needs to be mentioned: this is only the second-craziest video to come out of Italy this week. The nuttiest can be found here.

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Lionel Messi and Roger Federer star in bizarre Gillette commercial

Roger Federer as a sumo wrestler? Lionel Messi as a cricket player?

We’re not exactly sure what is going on here either, but anytime you have two of the greatest sportsmen of our time in the same commercial it’s a must-watch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.


Tahiti FA now awards 1 point for losses to ‘prevent sadness’


Get pumped, Tahiti. Losing isn’t so bad.

A recent, bizarre rule change in Tahitian soccer has softened the blow for losing teams considerably.

Tahiti’s Football Association have revamped their scoring system in the domestic leagues so that winners now pick up four points instead of three, a draw yields two points, and losers pick up one point. Yes, losing teams now literally get rewarded just for showing up.

And here’s the kicker: it’s all because they “don’t want anyone to be sad.”

FA director Charles Ariiotima explained the compensation for losers, which as far as we know is the first of its kind, to ESPN Brasil:

We just don’t want anyone to be sad. With this system, even if a team loses every game, they won’t be on zero points at the end of the season. Football, first of all is joy.

Think we’re kidding? Here’s some hard, black-on-white proof:


Tahiti knows a thing or two about losing, of course, though they never seemed particularly upset about it. Tahiti’s national team had a memorable time in Brazil during this summer’s Confederations Cup, despite losing all three of its games and getting outscored a whopping 24 goals to 1.


Yayyy, losing!

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David Beckham’s new tattoo includes image of him as Jesus?


Photo via Twitter/@Femail


Photo via Daily Mail

You can hardly see it from these photos, but David Beckham got inked up again and his latest tattoo has raised some eyebrows.

According to the Daily Mail, the new tattoo, which covers the right side of his chest, is reportedly said to be a “portrait of Jesus — styled to look like Beckham — being lifted from his tomb by three cherubs, representing his much-loved boys.”

We don’t even know what to say about this one. Getting tattoos to honor his family is nothing new for the retired soccer superstar, but honoring himself?

“I don’t regret any of them,” Beckham once told CNN of his thirty plus tattoos. “They all have meaning. I think that’s what’s important about tattoos. If they have a meaning, you’ll never regret them.”

We’re sure there’s meaning in Becks’ latest ink, too. If anyone can get away with tattoos of themselves as Jesus, it’s Beckham.

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Copenhagen blocks ticket orders from fans with non-Danish sounding names

Getty Images

FC Copenhagen fans were probably thrilled after getting drawn with Real Madrid, Celtic and in the Champions League group stage. After all, it poses a rare chance to see some European giants come to town. Not surprisingly, many were eager to order the three-match ticket bundles for the trio of home fixtures but shockingly many received emails from the club telling them that their tickets had been cancelled due to “security reasons.”

The reason?

They’re names were “non-Danish” sounding.

The bizarre decision to block purchases of orders made by people with foreign-appearing names was made to prevent away fans from claiming tickets in the home sections of the Parken stadium, which the club said was a “main safety concern.” However, it upset many Copenhagen fans with non-traditional Danish last names.

Copenhagen club secretary Daniel Rommedahl then responded to hundreds of fans who had since showered the club with criticism, insisting that fans will be able to plead their case that they are, indeed, fans of FC Copenhagen:

“Safety is always our main concern when it comes to events at Parken. Therefore we make every effort to ensure that fans of our guests only have access to the away section.

“If a dialogue with the customer shows otherwise, the purchase will be approved.

“We were fully aware that our decision would cause a reaction, but it was the best solution. We are fully aware that everyone will not agree, but discrimination it is not.”

It’s hard to see that this was the best possible solution, but at least fans will get a chance to retrieve their rightly tickets. We wonder how exactly that dialogue is going to go, though. Questioning fanhood based on last names probably makes for some awkward phone conversations.

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