Maradona really wants you to know that his toned down physique is not Photoshopped


When Diego Maradona’s daughter, Dalma, posted a photo of her dad to Twitter last month showing off his fit new body, some people questioned if the Argentine legend had really slimmed down that much, or if he’d had a little Photoshop magic to help him out:

Well, it turns out that Maradona was really not pleased by the allegations. So he recorded this gem:

"To all of you, there’s no Photoshop. There’s no Photoshop!" exclaimed the former World Cup winner in the short video clip posted on his official Facebook page. "For those who want to keep talking bulls**t, they can suck it.

Alright Diego, we believe. Pinky promise. And please, no more stripping. Think of the children.

Image provided by Action Images


Ronaldo sheds flubber, comeback in the works?


We’ve chronicled Ronaldo’s weight loss extensively, but this time we have proof regarding the Brazilian’s remarkable transformation.

You see, “El Phenomenon” participated in Brazil’s “Celebrity Fit Club” since last September and astonishingly lost nearly 20kgs which has led many to speculate if the former Real Madrid star is contemplating a return to the beautiful game.

We can neither confirm nor deny this rumor, but the fact remains Ronaldo looks in terrific in shape and we can only hope that he continues with this healthy lifestyle.


The “other, fat Ronaldo” is now just “chunky Ronaldo”


Remember Ronaldo’s well-documented diet plan? Well, it looks like Il Fenomeno has lived up to his promise of shedding the weight, losing 17 kg (just shy of 40 pounds) in three months by taking part in Brazilian TV network Globo’s “Medida Certa (“The right measure”) show. And though he’s still a hefty 222 lbs, he looks A LOT better than he has for quite a while!

Not gonna lie, we’re gonna miss “fat Ronaldo” for our own entertainment reasons, but it’s good to see him healthy.

Photo via 101 Great Goals