Zlatan: I didn’t applaud Ronaldo’s hat trick (With video!)

Comments made by Zlatan Ibrahimovic made the rounds on Thursday, with the Swedish talisman denying reports he applauded Cristiano Ronaldo’s remarkable hat trick.

“Was I applauding Ronaldo? No, I was just trying to encourage my team-mates,” Ibrahimovic told La Gazzetta dello Sport, via the London Evening Standard.

"I clapped my hands to cheer them up and motivate them for the last few minutes.

Lucky for us, there’s video evidence to prove it:

This video shows Zlatan and Ronaldo’s reactions to their respective goals, and it’s quite telling. Considering you can see Ibra clapping his hands and encouraging teammates after CR7’s first and second goals, it seems the Swede’s side of the story holds water.

But there’s more to be seen in this video. It really should be enjoyed in its entirety, but some of our favorite moments:

  • Ronaldo glancing up to see the replay of his first goal, because who wouldn’t want to see that again (49 second mark)?
  • A two-fer! Ronaldo’s utter disbelief when Zlatan heads in his first, and Ibra’s steely stare at Pepe after scoring (2:25 mark).
  • An upset Cristiano attempting to spit on the ground after Zlatan scores his free kick, but hocking a nice rope of saliva onto his chin.
  • Pepe getting pulled off the Portuguese pile after Ronaldo’s hat trick (5:35 mark).

Let’s hope these two match up again real soon, and more videos like this emerge.

(h/t 101GreatGoals)


Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo provide back-heel extravaganza

Not much needs to be said about the video above. Not much CAN be said about the video above.

All you need to know is that YouTube user HeilRJ03 compiled an array of back-heel goals off the dexterous feet of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo. This compilation comes just in time as the intergalactic giants are set to meet in Friday’s crucial World Cup qualifying match between Portugal and Sweden.

It’s a shame that one of these stars will miss next summer’s World Cup in Brazil. Fortunately, we have this footage to relieve us of our sorrows. Just hit play and enjoy.

(h/t 101GreatGoals)


All this week we’ve pampered you with our countdown of the best goals in MLS this season.

Today, we show you one that just barely missed the cut….

Luckily for this real-life Shooter McGavin we have no idea who he is or where this video came from, but it’s certainly in discussion for Miss of the Year.

Also, not sure if the goalkeeper got hurt there or if he’s just ROFL-ing uncontrollably