Luis Suarez as Pac-Man - the video game

Someone didn’t waste any time creating a Luis Suarez version of Pac-Man, and it’s just as entertaining as you’d expect.

Steer Suarez around as he munches on his latest victim, Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini’s.


But watch out for those red card wielding referees. Sunglasses will help you out in a pinch.


You can play the game, the wonderfully titled Biteman, here.

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Uruguayan keeper finds termites in bed, police suspect foul play


Someone is messing with Uruguay’s goalkeeper — and now the police are involved.

Fernando Muslera found some creepy-crawlies in his bed in his hotel room at 2 a.m., two nights before his side’s 3-1 loss to Costa Rica. He originally thought they were ants, but, boy, was he wrong:

According to the Tribuna do Ceara, Brazil’s federal police have been called in after they discovered they were actually termites. Foul play is suspected. But then again, a police source thinks Muslera may have just left food out.

At least we know it wasn’t dulce de leche.

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No dulce de leche for you! Brazil officials confiscate caramel spread from Uruguay

Uruguay’s first match against against Costa Rica did not go according to plan.

But now the nation’s fans have come up with the reason for their team’s poor performance — no dulce de leche.


No, really.

According to BBC News, Brazilian officials confiscated 39 kg (86 lbs) of caramel spread from Uruguay’s football team because it was made with milk and lacked the appropriate sanitary documentation.

The sweet spread is extremely popular in Uruguay and had been brought along with the team to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa without incident.

Not all is lost, however. A Brazilian agriculture official to Reuters that the Uruguayans could get their dulce de leche back “as soon as they can produce the necessary documents … Or they can pick it up on their way out of Brazil.” 

Uruguay needs to plan ahead if they plan on packing it for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The US had their own customs issues getting yogurt into the country for the Olympics. 


Luis Suarez looks miserable as he’s wheeled home after surgery

In a quick, unfortunate turn of events for Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan striker underwent surgery Thursday to repair damage to his meniscus. With just 23 short days until Uruguay’s World Cup campaign begins, the talented forward will be cutting it close with his recovery. 

Of course, because the World Cup is a time that makes fans go a little bit extra crazy, we have these very stalker-y photos taken of Suarez being wheeled home from an ambulance after his surgery was complete.



Images via @jmmontoro 

At least we know he’s home, safe and sound?

UPDATE: Apparently it’s not just the fans that are hunting Suarez down to get a photo. Professional photographers got in on the action too.

Image: Andres Stapff/Reuters


National teams have odd requirements for Brazil World Cup


Is this how Portugal’s security will protect Ronaldo? (Image: Action)

It’s never easy to adjust to a new environment when you’re traveling the world. The importance of that adjustment is astronomical for teams at a World Cup. The pressure is on to perform, but how can players be expected to do so if they’re not comfortable?

Naturally, each team has some specific and downright weird demands ahead of this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

  • Portugal must have six private security guards, with FOUR of them dedicated to protecting Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Ecuador requires a basket of Ecuadorian bananas every day in their rooms.
  • Uruguay wants silent air-conditioners in the players rooms.
  • France needs liquid soap, not bar soap, for proper bathing.
  • Honduras has to have faster WiFi.
  • Japan’s demands include a jacuzzi in every suite.

This is just a sample of the requirements released by Brazilian newspaper Lance. And we’re sure there are many more demands that we’ll never hear about (and probably don’t want to).

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Puma haunts Brazilians with “Ghost of 1950” in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil last hosted a World Cup in 1950, and it was one that ended in unmitigated disaster for El Selecao.

Facing Uruguay in the final in front of 200,000 plus at Maracana Stadium, Brazil let a 1-0 lead slip away in what is considered one of the biggest upsets in football history. The memory haunts Brazilians to this day, and Puma is apparently looking to keep it that way.

In a brilliant piece of marketing, Uruguay’s official kit sponsor sent “The Ghost of 1950” (“El Fantasma del 50”) to Rio de Janeiro to remind Brazilians of their national nightmare. In the TV spot, you’ll find a couple fantastic shots of the ghost scaring the beejezus out of beach-goers and pedestrians.

All in good fun, unless Brazil suffer another heart-breaking loss to Los Charruas.

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Seven nations still in the mix for final World Cup berths in CONCACAF & CONMEBOL

The single table formats in North and South America create a more straightforward final day of World Cup qualifying. There are some permutations to ponder and some weird scenarios — but the final standings reveal the pecking order rather quickly.

Most of the uncertainty surrounds the final berths in both confederations. Chile, Ecuador and Uruguay will fight it out for the two remaining confirmed berths and the playoff place in South America; Honduras, Mexico and Panama must sort out the last direct spot and the sole playoff berth in North America.

Here is a look at the circumstances on both continents heading into the final day:



Qualified: Argentina, Colombia

Assured of a playoff place or better: Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay

Eliminated: Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela

Chile and Ecuador enter the final day with the inside track to secure the two remaining direct berths into the World Cup. A draw between the two sides in Santiago will send both of them through to Brazil. Uruguay must defeat Argentina in Montevideo and hope either Chile or Ecuador prevails comprehensively in order to climb into the top four. Otherwise, a playoff with Jordan beckons next month.



Qualified: Costa Rica, United States

Assured of a playoff place or better: Honduras

Eliminated: Jamaica

Honduras can guarantee the final confirmed ticket to next summer’s World Cup with a point against already-eliminated Jamaica in Kingston. Mexico stands to benefit if Honduras fails to secure the desired result at the Office. El Tri can climb into the top three with a Honduran setback and a two-goal victory over the Ticos, but a point will suffice to arrange a playoff with New Zealand next month. Panama must defeat the United States in Panama City and pray for a Costa Rica win in San Jose in order to grab the playoff berth and knock out the Mexicans.


Cavani says Suarez wants to join Real Madrid

Edinson Cavani has reportedly stirred the pot regarding the future of Luis Suarez by claiming the Liverpool striker wants to join Real Madrid. And that’s not all. Cavani also says his fellow Uruguayan was not keen on a move to Arsenal during the summer transfer window. Will Brendan Rodgers never get any peace? Click here for more of the best rumors from the UK press.