Fore! Galaxy reporter gets hit by ball during live hit

Ah yes, the good ol’ reporter getting hit by a stray ball bit. It never fails to amuse us.

The latest victim? TWC Sportsnet reporter Kelli Tennant, who was struck in the back of the head while giving a live hit ahead of the LA Galaxy’s 2-2 draw against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

A true pro, Tennant didn’t skip a beat and went on with her report as if nothing happened *golf clap*. She must have taken a lesson from Sky Germany reporter Jessica Kastrop, who’s a veteran when it comes to these things. This is probably our favorite one of the bunch, played on loop for optimal viewing pleasure:

Some other folks wouldn’t remain as cool and collected. Right, ‘Arry?


Jumping the gun much, Sky Sports?

imageImage via: Eurosport

This could have just been an unfortunate oversight from Sky Sports, but would you be surprised one bit if the graphics producer is actually a United fan and  aired out some wishful thinking?

After two consecutive defeats at Old Trafford (the first time United have lost back-to-back home games since 2002), the Red Devils sit in ninth place, thirteen points off the pace of league leaders Arsenal. Fans are growing increasingly unhappy, and Moyes is officially on the hot seat.

Maybe that graphic should be saved in the system, just in case?

Because while the error was likely just that — a mistake — Sunday’s back cover of the Daily Star reflects United fans’ sentiments much more bluntly.



Sky Sports News reporter falls off ladder during live hit

It’s any TV reporter’s worst nightmare, and there are a LOT of things that can go wrong on TV. You might stumble your words, pedestrians (or worse, fork lifts) could ruin the shot in the background, and don’t even get us started on uncooperative weather conditions. But on the reporter fail power rankings, falling off a stepladder during a live hit comfortably sits in the top spot.

Unfortunately for Sky Sports News’ Nick Collins, that is exactly what happened when reporting from Wembley Stadium ahead of the England-Scotland friendly. His partner in the studio, Jim White, said it best: “that’s the kind of thing you hope never happens to you on live television.”

Don’t worry Nick, these things happen to the best of us. Maybe not quite falling-off-the-ladder bad, but they happen.


Brighton & Hove Albion boss finds out about sacking on live TV

Now, nobody likes getting fired. But can you think of anything worse than finding out you’re fired while you’re on live television?

Yeah, we can’t think of anything either. So, meet poor Brighton & Hove Albion manager, er, ex-manager Gus Poyet.

Poyet, on air as a pundit for BBC’s coverage of the Confederations Cup, got the bad news from the show’s production team during a commercial break, after Brighton announced the sacking on their website. The insulting part? The club’s statement claimed it had notified their manager of the sacking.

Based on Poyet’s reaction, they clearly had not.

Why did Poyet have to go? It might have something to do with the suspension he received a month ago after comments he made on his players, who smeared feces - yes, feces - all over the dressing room of visiting rivals Crystal Palace before their Premier League promotion playoffs game, which Brighton lost. Just a hunch.

After that incident, Club executive Paul Barber issued an official statement, but did not address Poyet’s subsequent suspension:

"We apologized to Crystal Palace as soon as the vandalism in their dressing room was discovered, and again more formally a few days after the match. As a result of what happened, please rest assured we have reviewed our internal procedures to guard against this ever happening again."



Classic “Anchorman” prank!

An Australian news reporter was embarrassed by her colleagues while reading the highlights to Wednesday’s Europa League final. At the end of the highlight, her male colleague slyly changed the copy on the teleprompter to something completely non-soccer-related. Predictably, the reporter kept reading the script, sending the entire set into an uproar and reminding everyone of Veronica Corningstone’s prank on the legendary Ron Burgundy.

The lesson as always, don’t read everything you see on the teleprompter.