Linesman trolled so hard by Portuguese fans

Being a linesman can be a lonely gig, but one assistant referee in Portugal was recently lucky enough to have his very own cheering section.

In a third-division match between Ermesinde and Perosinho last month, a small group of comedians fans made it their mission to troll one of the linesmen, following him up and down the touchline and celebrating his every move.

Though the match official seems to find it quite amusing, we’d wager he grew exponentially more embarrassed as the prank continued.

This hasn’t been the first such stunt; check out these crazy Cadiz CF fans:

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Man City fans, Arsenal players find joy in Spurs’ pain

imageOne can only wonder why this lone, stunned Spurs supporter stayed at the Etihad this long (Image: Reuters)

Poor Spurs …

Fresh off their biggest defeat of the season, a 6-0 smack-down courtesy of Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, Tottenham were mocked by more than one player from North London rivals Arsenal.

Chronic Re-tweeter Emmanuel Frimpong retweeted a pair of exasperating messages during the match, one a (successful) plea to make the defeat even heavier, and the other a harsh evaluation of a particular Spurs player:

imageImage: Twitter/@IAMFRIMPONG26

Not one to miss an opportunity for some Spurs trash talk (or piano dissing) Gunners keeper Wojciech Szczesny took to Facebook instead, trolling his rival supporters with this message:


During the match, a whole block of City supporters flashed Tottenham the famous “Heart” sign which Spurs were used to seeing from a certain Gareth Bale:

imageImage: 101GG

Talk about rubbing it in. It can’t get much worse for Spurs, who tumbled down to ninth place with the loss and have a goal differential of minus 3. In fact, Sergio Aguero, who scored two goals Sunday, now has one more Premier League goal this season (10) than Tottenham (9).

Spurs fans, if there is one reason to remain optimistic it is this: Manchester United were down in the bottom half of the table only a month ago, but after a streak of six games without a loss, find themselves back in 6th.