Gareth Bale is trying to trademark his goal celebration as a logo


Gareth Bale has filed an application with the Intellectual Property Office to trademark the heart-shaped hand gesture that he throws up to the camera after pretty much every single goal he scores.

It seems clear that Bale will try to put the logo on merchandise for fans to snatch up (the application mentions jewelry, leather goods and clothing).

One thing we’d like to know: What if Bale screws up his own trademark in the heat of the moment? Does the placement of the other fingers matter? That would be embarrassing.

And perhaps we’re reading into this too much, but the “11” in the middle means Bale won’t want to change his kit number. Maybe it’s a signal he isn’t planning on leaving Tottenham any time soon — a change in club often means a change in number.

Well, unless it’s to Real Madrid. Number 11 is held by Ricardo Carvalho. His contract is up this summer…