Jose Mourinho writes moving open letter to his son

imageJose and Jose Jr. in 2010 (Image: Reuters)

Jose Mourinho might be one of the most polarizing figures in soccer, but one side we don’t see enough of is Jose, the father.

His 14-year-old son, Jose Mario Jr., has been sitting a few rows behind the Chelsea manager for every game this season, and has even been called “a little assistant” by Mourinho. On several occasions, you could see them celebrate a big goal together in the stands. Obviously, that wasn’t the case on Sunday, but for the Blues’ final home game Mourinho still found a way to connect with his son. In the final matchday program of the season, Mourinho included a heartfelt open letter to Jose Jr.:

I know this space is to communicate with you fans, but one of you is my son. I want to tell him thanks for being with me every second of every match, a few metres behind me, jumping for every goal; hurt by every difficult moment. Thank you, kid, for being my kid. Every time I look at you, I see you, but I also see your sister and your mum, both at home but also playing with us, both waiting for us to go home and to be what we are - an amazing family… like the blue family, supporting each other.


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Jose Mourinho interrupts post-match interview with jokes and hugs

Just Jose being Jose.

Following Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Liverpool in Sunday’s dramatic Premier League showdown, Blues manager Jose Mourinho interrupted David Luiz and Eden Hazard’s post-match interview by poking fun at the former’s yellow card and giving both his pupils a hearty embrace.

As the reporter asked his first question to David Luiz, Mourinho jumped in out of nowhere and joked that his defender had picked up his yellow card on purpose, so that he could head home to Portugal for some time off just in time for New Year’s Eve, He then hugged his two stars and acknowledged their “fantastic” performances and left as quickly as he appeared.

Classic Mourinho!


Jose Mourinho literally laughs off Wayne Rooney rumors

Transfer rumors really are just that: Rumors.

While it’s been no secret that Chelsea manager has an affinity for Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, it’s highly unlikely he’d acknowledge any speculation at this time. After all, ‘tis the season for dodging questions!

So, when Mou was asked again about Chelsea being linked with Rooney, the manager laughed it off and asked, “Linked by who?”

Chuckles were had, but the whole room really had a laugh when a member of the media fessed up and said, “Me!”

It gave Mourinho the perfect scapegoat for the question. Jose redirected any further pressing by the original reporter to the one claiming responsibility for the rumor.

And in the end, all of us are left to ponder the truth.

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Ticked-off Mourinho walks out on media; Meanwhile, loaned-out Lukaku keeps scoring

Jose Mourinho continued his never-ending feud with the media on Monday by walking out of the obligatory Champions League press conference. The reason? More inquiries over Mourinho’s player selection, or rather, player non-selection.

Already agitated by the month-long drama surrounding Juan Mata’s lack of playing time, Mourinho lost it when a reporter asked about the absence of Kevin de Bruyne on Chelsea’s 18-man roster for the upcoming tilt at Steaua Bucharest.

"This is fantastic because nobody asks me about Mata," Mourinho said. "You are for three weeks speaking about Mata, and now you are speaking about Kevin de Bruyne. So you are not interested in the players that are playing? You are interested in the players that are not playing."

Mourinho then quickly defended his decision to leave out the Belgian starlet before deserting Frank Lampard at the podium.

It’s a good thing the press conference wasn’t held a few hours later, or else Mourinho may have gotten bombarded with even more questions about players he’s been passing on. Namely, why he decided to loan out Romelu Lukaku for another year.

Everton’s rental striker netted two goals and assisted on the Toffees’ third in their 3-2 win over Newcastle on Monday. That brings Lukaku’s Premier League goal tally to three after just two appearances for Everton, exactly three more goals than all of Chelsea’s strikers combined so far.

image"Here’s looking at you, Mou"


Introducing the most awkward handshake in soccer history

Looking for a highlight from Monday’s highly-anticipated match between Manchester United and Chelsea? Good luck. What was billed as a potential classic between two Premier League title favorites turned out to be a dull, goalless draw.

The best that came out of the heavyweight matchup was this series of Getty Images, which caught the most awkward prematch handshake humanly possible between Jose “The Special One” Mourinho, and United boss David Moyes, dubbed by home fans as “The Chosen One.”


Moyes: “Uhh, what are you doing?”


Mourinho: “I don’t know, but it’s too late to change it now.”


Moyes: “Well, this is awkward. I’m sure nobody on social media will mock us for this.”

To put the clumsy handshake into context, the relationship between Mourinho and Moyes has soured as of late, with Chelsea’s transfer pursuit of United star Wayne Rooney being the main reason behind the squabble:

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Jose Mourinho’s exclusive 1-on-1 with FOX Soccer Daily


Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho sat down with Grant Wahl for FOX Soccer Daily to talk about his return to Chelsea, the club’s pursuit of Wayne Rooney, the upcoming UEFA Super Cup tilt against Bayern Munich, and — and! — a possible coaching future in the United States. Wouldn’t that be something?

Could Mourinho come stateside in the future? The Special One would certainly be a thrilling addition to any coaching staff in the USA. But for now, it seems he’s set on a lengthy stay in England with Chelsea.


Jose Mourinho is cut off while hinting at Real Madrid exit

When Jose Mourinho is about to address his plans for the future, the absolute last thing you should do is cut him off. But that’s exactly what happened after Real Madrid was dumped from the Champions League on Tuesday.

As an ITV reporter is wrapping up his post-game interview with the Special One, this is how it unfolded:

"Maybe next season with Real?" the reporter asked. "Maybe not," Mourinho replied. So the reporter presses him, asking "Where?" In a dejected tone, Mourinho says:

"I don’t know, but I know I want to be where, I’d love to be where people love me to be…"

And just as Mourinho sounds like he’s about to continue and reveal what everyone has spent months anxiously awaiting, the reporter (or the producer in his ear) abruptly cuts Mou off, saying, “We’ll take that as England. I’ve gotta go.”

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