Landon Donovan is the latest athlete to have a “Short Memory”

It was a tough summer for Landon Donovan. The United States legend was left off of the World Cup roster in what would turn out to be his last chance to play in the world’s biggest tournament.

Some might say it was a summer to forget for the LA Galaxy star. Well, for Foot Locker’s latest edition of athletes with short memories, it literally was just that.

Donovan joins Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen on the list of greats that that have simply “forgotten” the worst moments of their careers. 

"I’m the captain!" Apparently it’s not just short memory that’s afflicting Donovan, but "revised" memory as well.


Full of confidence! Team USA books flight home after World Cup final

He’s survived the Group of Death, but Jurgen Klinsmann’s revelation of the USA squad’s travel plans infer that he isn’t done just yet.

After booking a last-16 clash with Belgium — who hold a 100% record at the 2014 World Cup — Klinsmann told the press that his team plans to fly out from Brazil on July 13.

Before you check your calendars, that date should sound familiar: It’s the day after the World Cup final, after all. “You can always change your flights,” was Klinsmann’s clever quip.

Whether it’s mind games, confidence or just good planning, we like it. You’d forgive the United States for getting ideas above their station, with the side rightfully receiving plaudits for making the knockouts. Belgium lie in wait, and Klinsmann is wary of the Red Devils’ star power.

Klinsmann told the New York Daily News:

“Belgium is one of the secret favorites in the World Cup because of the players they have. We have absolutely no fear at all. We’re in position to challenge them. We have the foundation to beat them.”

Considering Klinsmann’s thoughts on Team USA’s chances before the start of the tournament, this seems to be a complete 180-degree turn, despite USA’s daunting 50-1 odds.

The huge clash will take place next Tuesday, with the winner facing either Argentina or Switzerland in the quarterfinals. Good luck, boys.

(H/T NESN and New York Daily News)


Rip Hamilton on a mission to convince Clint Dempsey to wear a face mask


NBA star Rip Hamilton is on a mission to Brazil.

His goal is to convince Clint Dempsey to wear the plastic face mask to protect his broken nose.

He even posted a picture with a call out to Dempsey:

"On my way to Brazil to watch @clint_dempsey and Team USA at World Cup . @clint_dempsey if u need to borrow my mask I’m bringing them in my carry on bag.#MaskChangedMyCareer #TeamUSA #WorldCup#BrandJordan #BrazilPack #HugeFanOfSoccer #holdat”

Hamilton started wearing a mask in 2002 and turned it into a fashion accessory; he continued to wear one throughout his career.

Maybe Dempsey, who has so far avoided the plastic shield, would be more inclined if it got the hockey goalie mask treatment?

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USA stars Alex Morgan, Hope Solo honored


2013 was good to the United States women’s national team.

In their first year with coach Tom Sermanni, the squad was undefeated, posting an impressive 13-0-3 record last year. Not too shabby.

Individuals on the team had incredible years as well. Abby Wambach surpassed Mia Hamm’s all-time scoring record. Sydney Leroux sealed her spot as the next USWNT star.

And on Tuesday, beloved striker Alex Morgan and fierce goalkeeper Hope Solo got some recognition their own: they were nominated by AskMen.com voters as two of the Top 99 Women of 2014.

Not only are Solo and Morgan making waves in soccer, but they’re catching the attention of people across the nation with the impact they’ve made in their field.

Here’s to another amazing year that leads up to a very important one: 2015, and the Women’s World Cup.


The USWNT take Hawaii by storm

Alex Morgan (left) and Sydney Leroux are pictured below, clearly enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Hawaii. Since last summer, these two helped the USA win the gold medal in the Olympics, and ushered in the inaugural season of the National Women’s Soccer League.


Photo via sydneyleroux.

But Morgan and Leroux weren’t the only USA stars on vacation in Hawaii. In a funny coincidence, fellow gold medalist Kelley O’Hara was seated right next to Leroux on their flight to Hawaii:

Not only were they enjoying some poolside relaxing, but being professional athletes, it’s no surprise that they took in some of the gorgeous sights of Hawaii:

However, it didn’t take long to realize that the fact that these ladies were all gathered in Hawaii at the same time was no coincidence. It looks like there’s a not-so-well-kept secret wedding on Saturday. Abby Wambach (below, left) and Sarah Huffman (right), both Western NY Flash players, have been rumored to be dating for some time now.


Image courtesy of Getty.

If Huffman’s Twitter photo of her left hand with a rather large ring on it wasn’t a dead giveaway in August, it’s all but clear now what’s about to take place.


Wambach and Huffman are registered on ourwedding.com for a wedding reception in Poipu Beach Park in Hawaii for Oct. 5.


Portland Thorns player Marian Dougherty all but confirmed the big event in an Instagram post, saying “Let the wedding festivities begin, can’t wait to celebrate the marriage of my two best friends,” and tagged Wambach and Huffman in the post.

It looks like the happy couple will be tying the knot on Saturday, and many of their oldest and closest friends are there to share in the wonderful day with them.


We can’t wait to see the photos from what is sure to be a picturesque ceremony.

Attempts to reach Wambach and Huffman were unsuccessful.


No surprise: USA gets hostile reception in Costa Rica

When the United States men’s national team squared off against Costa Rica last March, a snow storm hit Colorado making the game one of the most memorable contests in sports history.

Costa Rica wasn’t happy the game was allowed to continue. Maybe that’s because Costa Rica lost. Needless to say, the Ticos certainly haven’t forgotten about the incident.

A crowd of Costa Rican fans are heard chanting “No fair play!” as members of Team USA deplane and board the team bus on Tuesday. You can see exactly how much the perceived injustice earlier this year still sticks in their craw.

One might assume the confines of a bus would bring an end to the pestering. Wrong. According to the Tico Times, eggs were also launched in the salvo against the United States.

Perhaps they just thought the Americans needed a late breakfast after their flight? That’s a stretch. Either way, it should shape up for an even more interesting match come Friday.


Sydney Leroux’s key to success: Prancercising


US women’s national team forward Sydney Leroux is making a name for herself both on and off the field.

In this weekend’s friendly against Canada, Leroux scored the final goal in a 3-0 victory. Unfortunately, she was also subject to racist and sexist tweets leading up to the match.

For those paying attention, the 23-year-old recently revealed her pregame secret that leads to success: Prancercising. Described as an “exercise revolution,” this hilarious exercise was made famous by a viral video which is a must-watch.

Here’s a peek into her mock pregame routine prior to the Canada match:

Not only is it an effective pregame warmup, it’s a great postgame cool down. She even got Alex Morgan and a few other USA teammates to join in on the routine:


FOX Soccer’s Rob Stone sat down with Jurgen Klinsmann for an exclusive one-on-one interview with the head coach of Team USA. See the interview in its entirely right here, and take in all the juicy details that only FOX Soccer can bring you.