John Obi Mikel scores first Premier League goal in 8 seasons


(Photos: Action Images)

We may never be able to prove the existence of Big Foot, unicorns or the Loch Ness Monster, but one of our planet’s greatest mysteries has finally been solved — John Obi Mikel can, in fact, score a goal in the Premier League.

It “only” took him eight years:

We strongly advise you to watch this now before all videos and images get confiscated by the government for evidence, because there’s a 99.9% chance none of us will ever see this happen again:


Mikel, Branislav Ivanovic and John Terry are visibly stunned.


Mikel’s teammates make sure he’s not actually a figment of their imagination.


Has Orlando City SC made the final step to joining MLS?


After a long 12 year wait, Major League Soccer may finally be returning to Florida.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, Central Florida’s two top mayors have agreed to a deal that could put a new soccer-specific stadium downtown and bring an MLS franchise to Orlando.

Orlando City SC needed a crucial $20 million — which has been committed to in this deal — to be able to build the stadium. As long as everything is finalized without issues, it seems almost certain that OCSC will be one of the four expansion teams MLS plans to have by the 2020 season.


Orlando has often been discussed as the place for MLS to make its return to Florida since the now-defunct Miami Fusion and Tampa Bay Mutiny bowed out after the 2001 season. This deal could make that dream a reality.

Of course, nothing is set in stone, and the agonizing wait continues a bit longer while for OCSC and their fans. The finish line, however, is certainly in sight.


USA shows heart in clutch win over Costa Rica


By Jorge Andres Mondaca

Commerce City, Colo.

The snow fell by the bucket-load. But a sellout crowd, slowly getting coated in frosty white layer, cheered and chanted unperturbed. Their team needed a win, after all.

Still think there’s no passion in the USA for the beautiful game?

Catch a replay of USA’s 1-0 World Cup qualifying victory over Costa Rica and you will see.

There is this long-held belief throughout the world that Americans simply don’t care about this sport. To be fair, it’s been earned through the years – we call it soccer, the rest of the world calls it football (even though the English, the creators of the game, at one time called it soccer themselves). The best athletes in other countries play this sport, in ours they play in the NFL or the NBA, or whatever else will lead to quicker glory and riches than soccer. Our professional league pales in quality and star power when compared to the likes of England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga and others.

Simply put, we haven’t devoted ourselves to this sport the way people in other countries have.

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Newly elected Pope Francis shows San Lorenzo colors

By now, the entire world is reading up on newly elected Pope, Jorge Bergogolio, and what his appointment will mean to the Catholic Church.

Though that question remains to be answered, it really doesn’t concern us soccer junkies. Photos surfaced on the Pope’s true colors on Wednesday, that of Argentine club San Lorenzo.

Still an active member, San Lorenzo released images highlighting Bergogolio’s love for the club. Is worth noting that San Lorenzo were named after local priest Father Lorenzo Mass, the same priest who allowed children to play in his church’s yard to discourage them from playing near the dangerous trams around the city.

Barcelona midfielder Javier Mascherano and Argentina’s basketball international Lucas Victoriano congratulated Bergoglio’s appointment on Twitter:


Out of hand? Club bans high-fives due to flu outbreak

Widespread concerns over this year’s flu epidemic has reached new proportions after a New York City youth sports club took extreme measures by urging kids from giving high-fives and fist bumps during matches.

The Manhattan Soccer club reportedly sent an email on Monday warning parents that “the safest thing to do is touch elbows” during a team’s post game lineup for club high-fives.

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You have to check this goal out. A team of children score an incredible goal right from the opening whistle — and they do it without their opponent getting a single touch on the ball before it’s in the back of the net!

This young squad has passing skills that even Barcelona would be jealous of.