Training Ground Collision Leaves Dirk Kuyt a Mess

Dirk Kuyt must have legions of female fans across the world who appreciate his stunning good looks, but they might want to reconsider following a training ground run-in with Dutch teammate Jonathan De Guzman. And by run-in we mean it was like two derailed trains smashing into one another.

Training prior to the Dutch side’s friendly against Portugal this week, the players collided head-on during a drill, making both miss the friendly and perhaps even their club teams’ next match. Poor Dirk Kuyt looks like he came away from it a little worse:



(Via: WAATP)


Swansea have had another great season, winning the League Cup and qualifying for Europe next season. It looks like the squad has been taking HUGE tips from their manager Michael Laudrup, who includes Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus on his impressive playing CV. Laudrup played with the rest of his staff in an end of season kick about, showing his skills and dancing past oncoming defenders. Check it out…