Mario Balotelli scores stunning golazo, acts unimpressed

Mario Balotelli scored a ridiculous winner late in Milan’s match against Bologna on Friday. In fact, it may have been the greatest goal Super Mario ever scored. But as we’ve become used to seeing, Balotelli was too cool to celebrate, preferring to simply put his hands on his hips and stare at the ground like nothing happened.

We don’t hate it — actually, it’s rather swagtastic — but it’s just not the reaction you would expect after such an amazing strike.

Thankfully, if you’re looking for more passion, there’s always legendary Milan play-by-play man Tiziano Crudeli. He didn’t disappoint Friday:



Balotelli boot mystery solved: They’re Pumas!

Last weekend, Mario Balotelli got himself in the newspaper headlines by wearing … newspaper headlines on his feet. A week later, Balotelli revealed what was behind the publicity stunt.

Balotelli tweeted out a picture of him holding the unique, soon-to-be-released Puma evoPOWER boot with the addition of a much bigger headline. It read: “Why always Puma?,” a tweak to Balotelli’s infamous quote, “Why always me?” Clever, clever Puma.

Balotelli then wore his new cleats in the Milan derby, though they didn’t help him make much of a difference. Inter won, 1-0.

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Mario Balotelli wears boots covered in newspaper headlines about himself


Mario Balotelli didn’t wear his new, blue contact lenses during Monday’s Serie A tilt against Roma, but he got our attention regardless. In an unprecedented move, Super Mario unveiled a new pair of boots covered entirely in newspaper clippings … about himself.

That’s right. For a man who usually dominates the headlines, Balotelli now looks to dominate in them.

Though his current boot supplier is Nike, we’re not sure who is responsible for Balotelli’s latest fashion statement. There’s clearly no Swoosh on them, and the Milan star’s deal with Nike is running out. According to SoccerCleats101, Puma might be the ones behind the new boots.

Or, could it be that Balotelli is simply engaging in some clever self-promotion, letting manufacturers know that his feet are once again “for sale,” kind of like an empty billboard?

We wouldn’t put it past him!

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Mario Balotelli misses first penalty of career in loss to Napoli


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It’s been a crazy weekend to say the least, folks. First, John Obi Mikel  actually scored a goal, then Barcelona lost the possession battle in a competitive match for the first time in 5 years (or an astonishing run of 317 games), and now Mario Balotelli has missed a penalty!

The only thing missing is Howard Webb being in charge of a match that Manchester United lose. Oh wait, that happened too!

Balotelli stepped up to the spot with Milan down 2-0 to Napoli in the 61st minute, but Pepe Reina denied him, waiting until Balotelli struck the ball to make his move.  Balotelli did get on the score sheet to make it 2-1 in stoppage time, but the penalty miss proved to be decisive as Napoli continued its perfect start to the season at the expense of the Rossoneri.

Before Sunday, Super Mario was a perfect 26 for 26 from the penalty spot in his career for both club and country:

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Balotelli Plays the Piano While Pirlo Looks On

Each time we think that Mario Balotelli can’t get any more impressive, he goes and does something unexpectedly amazing. Like, say, playing the Italian National Anthem, Il Canto degli Italiani, on the piano while Italian legend Andrea Pirlo looks on with a stare that must be causing a commotion amongst fan fiction writers.

Some eagle-eye viewers might point out that Balotelli’s sleeves seem to change positions as the camera rotates, but does it really matter?

Bravo, Mario! Bravo!


Mario Balotelli takes aim at golf cart

When it comes to Mario Balotelli’s antics, this is certainly one of his more tame incidents.

During a team training session, the AC Milan star turned his attention from taking shots on goal to chipping the ball at a golf cart driving by. Neither strike comes close to hitting the cart (it’s a good thing he’s better aiming at the net, then).

We’ve got a feeling Balotelli may never outgrow his jokester ways, but as long as it’s all fun and games and no one gets hurt, we’ll continue to be amused.

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