Crawley Town defender in hot water after slapping fan

The Number 1 rule professional athletes must follow is about as simple as it gets, yet we see it broken way too many times:

Don’t. Hit. The fans.

Alas, the latest incident of an athlete getting into it with a fan comes courtesy of Crawley Town defender Paul Connolly. During a League One (Third Division) match at Brentford, the visitors looked to quickly re-start play with a throw-in when a home supporter chucked the ball rather forcefully at Connolly. The defender immediately lost his cool, visibly reaching into the stands to give him a slap in the face.

Though the referee took no action against Connolly at the time, we would be surprised if he doesn’t get a call from the Football Association. For his part, the culprit took to Twitter afterwards and tried to brush the whole thing off as much ado about nothing:

Yeah, not so sure the FA will look at it that way.


Goalkeeper scolded for falling out of tree trying to save cat


If you saw a cat stuck in a tree, would you save it?

Victor Francoz did, but paid dearly for it. The French goalkeeper for English semi-pro side Oxford City fell out of the tree and injured himself while trying to save a cuddly feline. Francoz will have to miss two weeks of action thanks to a deep gash in his calf. And to make matters worse, his coach Mike Ford has “no sympathy” for the fallen hero.

Ford told The Oxford Mail:

"It’s ridiculous. I’ve not got any sympathy for him at all because he’s done it to himself. He fell out of a tree when he was trying to get a cat.

He’s got a deep cut and unfortunately now we don’t have Victor because he’s gone back to France for a couple of weeks to have treatment. You just don’t get professional players climbing trees.”

The 23-year-old signed for the club this past summer with hopes of a playing career in England, but will now be unable to take part in Oxford’s next few games. His worst-case scenario? The fireman stunt may cost him his place as first-choice goalkeeper.

Dude, next time try 911.

H/T The Guardian


Chelsea fans duped into talking about transfer prospects that actually don’t exist

Andrew Ryan from Manchester United YouTube channel “Full Time Devils” stopped a handful of gullible Chelsea fans outside of Stamford Bridge and put their knowledge of the Blues’ transfer dealings to the test. The results will make you want to smash your head against the desk. Or simply laugh your tail off.

Ryan asked fans for their opinions on some of the club’s rumored January transfer targets, but here’s the twist: none of the players actually exist!

Playing right into the prankster’s hands, the clueless fans happily offered their scouting reports on the likes of Liam Ying (an anagram of “I am lying”), Lugi Bull (“gullible”), and Win Nowt (“win nothing”).

Oh, what fans will do to prove their footy intelligence, especially once the cameras are on.


Galatasaray pair face punishment for Nelson Mandela tribute


Seriously, what is wrong with the world?

Galatasaray’s Didier Drogba and teammate Emmanuel Eboue both face punishment from the Turkish FA for paying homage to Nelson Mandela after Friday’s 2-0 win over Elazigspor.

One night after Mandela’s death, Drogba revealed a shirt with the  message “Thank You Madiba,” (Madiba is Mandela’s clan name) while Eboue’s undershirt read “Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela.” Both players of course are African, and this was a show of their appreciation for one of the most important civil rights leaders in world history.

However, the Turkish FA deemed the messages to be the kind of “political expressions” they are currently trying to discourage players and fans from making at games. And despite the fact Drogba and Eboue’s messages were a tribute rather than a manifesto, the pair has been summoned to appear before the Turkish Professional Football Discipline Committee because they had not asked for permission first.

In response, Drogba took to Instagram with this message:

I’d be very interested to see your comments on this…but I’m sorry if I had to I would do it again and again.Nor because of political beliefs but because this man inspired me,a country, a continent, the world!!!!! Thanks again Madiba


Striker scores first professional goal, injures himself celebrating

FOX Sports: Dumbest Sports Injuries

Internacional striker Maurides went a bit too far when celebrating his first professional goal on Wednesday against América.

The 19-year-old Brazilian was understandably excited after scoring Internacional’s third goal of the match in the 88th minute. But his joy quickly turned to pain when he attempted an aerial celebration.

His cartwheel-to-backflip move went smoothly until the final landing, when Maurides landed awkwardly and twisted his knee. He had to be stretchered off the field.

The team doctor said his knee sprain was more of a scare than something that will sideline him for a lengthy period, but it’s safe to say Maurides won’t be trying any more acrobatic celebrations any time soon.

H/T DirtyTackle