No 2 Racism! Nigel De Jong reacts to latest banana-throwing episode

When will it stop?!

AC Milan’s Kevin Constant became the latest target of racism by getting a banana thrown at him from the stands. But like Barcelona’s Dani Alves before him, Constant’s teammate Nigel De Jong came up with the perfect response.

Now of course, De Jong couldn’t simply eat the banana - that was supposed to be Neymar’s thing. Instead, he opted to just pick it up and sarcastically applaud the crowd, before abating the imbecilic act with some humor after the match. Check it out:


Dani Alves backed by football world following banana incident


Dani Alves had barely finished eating his banana when support for his brilliant anti-racism stunt began pouring in. (If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the video.)

After the Barcelona defender munched on a banana thrown at him by a bigoted fan during Sunday’s match at Villarreal, his girlfriend Thaissa Carvalho quickly started a trend that took social media by storm.

Carvalho Instragrammed a picture of her entire family posing with half-eaten bananas, along with the hashtag #somostodosmacacos:

Alves’ injured Barca teammate Neymar joined the movement soon thereafter, adding the English translation of the hashtag - #weareallmonkeys - for his millions of followers. He wouldn’t be the last.

Soon enough, Alves and Neymar’s fellow professional footballers all over Europe joined the fray with pictures of them eating bananas, including Luis Suarez, Hulk, Marta and Sergio Aguero:

Not only did people around the world take a stand against racism with him, but Villarreal has also acted swiftly against the fan who threw the banana.


Dani Alves shows everyone how you combat racism

How perfect is this?

In the late stages of Barcelona’s 3-2 win at Villarreal on Sunday, a banana was thrown at Dani Alves as he was getting set to take a corner kick.

Unfazed, the Barca defender picked up said banana, peeled it and took a nice big, satisfying bite before going on about his business.

After the match, Alves said humor is the best way to kick racism to the  curb.

"We have suffered this in Spain for some time. You have to take it with a dose of humor. We aren’t going to change things easily.

"If you don’t give it importance, they don’t achieve their objective."

That’s right, bigots. Dani Alves eats your racism for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ain’t no thang.