Zlatan Ibrahimovic to get his own postal stamp… finally!

imageRumored to be one of the Zlatan stamps. Image: Posten (via The Local)

Good-bye, E-mails! Welcome back, oh ancient practice of writing letters! Expect a hike in pen-pal requests, Sweden! Because the game of modern communication has been changed forever.

The Swedish Postal Service (Posten) announced plans on Monday to release a full set of Zlatan Ibrahimovic stamps, and it’s only about ten years overdue. We’ve waited far too long for a chance to get a taste of this legendary man, but our long global nightmare is finally over.

According to the Postal Service, Zlatan’s iconic schnoz will appear on five different stamps and come in a special booklet of ten stamps, which is perfect because then we can use one of each stamp for our mail and keep the other in our wallets for daily inspiration. The set is to be released on March 27th, according to The Local.

"It’s a great honour to be on a postage stamp and I’m very happy and proud to have been chosen," Ibrahimovic said on his personal app, Zlatan Unplugged. "I usually receive bills and they seldom have nice stamps. Maybe that will change now."

Britt-Inger Hahne, head of stamps with the Posten, is equally excited about the new collection. She believes the Zlatan stamps could motivate a whole new generation to send letters and use the postal service:

"Many young people had  never read a book before until his [autobiography] came out. I hope that the stamps will achieve a similar thing. Zlatan was very positive about the project and picked all the pictures out which feature on the five different stamps. It is a great honour for him as not many people get their own set of stamps."

We can’t wait to see which images Zlatan chose for himself, but in the meantime, we’ve come up with a few of our own: