Christoph Kramer’s yellow card rescinded after opponent admits to slip


In a sport where diving and playacting is, sadly, very much old hat by now, Paderborn’s Stefan Kutschke provided a breath of fresh air this weekend.

During Saturday’s Bundesliga match vs Borussia Moenchengladbach, Kutschke drew a yellow card on Christoph Kramer after seemingly getting tripped up by the World Cup star on a counter-attack.

Only it wasn’t a foul. Not even close, actually:

To Kutschke’s credit, even though it certainly looks like he was diving here, the Paderborn forward immediately went over to the referee and explained that he “slipped” rather than gotten fouled. As such, the referee wiped the yellow card off the books and restarted play with a drop ball.

Score one for fair play!


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Gamesmanship? Barca allocate 447 tickets to Atletico fans for La Liga decider


Atletico Madrid fans are known to be a noisy bunch, but they’ll have a tough time getting heard on Saturday.

According to the Daily Mail, Barcelona have only issued Atletico 447 tickets for their winner-takes-all La Liga showdown at the Camp Nou, a stadium that can accommodate 99,787 fans. The paltry away ticket allocation accounts for just 0.4% of the Camp Nou’s total capacity!

Now, we’re not saying it’s out of Barcelona’s right to do this, but giving out that few seats to away fans is practically unheard of, some might even say a little cheap. But when the stakes are this high, anything goes apparently.

Makes you wonder how many tickets Barca would have given out if it was Real Madrid they’d need to play for the title. 100? 10? Good grief!

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Italian team displays ultimate show of sportsmanship

It’s common practice for teams to return the ball back to their opponent after an injury stops the run of play. Usually, it’s a pretty straight-forward process.

But in this Italian Serie D match between Fersina Perginese and Dro Calcio, things didn’t go according to plan:

Our only complaint is that the goalkeeper who made the disastrous blunder didn’t take the ball up the other end to score. Luckily for him, the match ended in a 3-3 draw and he wasn’t responsible for a loss — though the fans may not be so forgiving.



Young player takes one of the worst cheap shots ever

(WARNING: The video title contains coarse language).

There are plenty of cheap shots in sports, but this one just might take the cake. The phrase “kicking him while he’s down” is embodied in one play:

There’s not much that we know about this video except that the offending player should be banned from organized sport for life. Inexcusable!

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Raja Casablanca players ransack a willing Ronaldinho for memorabilia

Say what you will about Ronaldinho, but he’s far from washed up.

The former Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain standout turned back the clock on Wednesday, scoring a ridiculous take free-kick golazo during Atletico Mineiro’s Club World Cup semifinal match against Raja Casablanca.


Unfortunately for Atletico Mineiro, Raja Casablanca would go on to defeat Ronaldinho’s squad 3-1 in high-end offensive thriller at Stade de Marrakech in Morocco. As you can imagine, the jam-packed stadium celebrated with joy after their home side’s stunning victory over the defending Copa Libertadores champions.

Even Raja Casablanca players seized the opportunity to grab a piece of history and snatched off equipment from the two-time FIFA World Player of the Year. Not settling for just his jersey, Casablanca players asked for (and received) the Brazilian legend’s boots!

Raja players looked like kids swarming when a piñata finally bursts open. Take a look:

And kudos go to Ronaldinho, who was under no obligation to be such a good sport. We doubt there are many players who would be so gracious in the wake of a tough loss. “Tis the season of giving after all.


Saudi Arabian Premier League offers daily dose of sportsmanship

When a match doesn’t go as desired, fans and coaches often use referees as scapegoats. On the whole, though, we’d say that refs are good at doing their jobs.

That said, what in the world was the referee in this Saudi Arabian Premier League match between Al Nahda and Al Ittihad thinking? Fortunately for all of us, the players on the field restored faith in humanity after this farce. Let’s set the scene.

Al Nahdha keeper Taisir Al Antaif lines up to start play but notices his shoe is untied. This is a problem, because he’s wearing gloves from the Mickey Mouse collection. Enter: Jobson, Al Ittihad’s striker with a heart of gold.

In the vein of good sportsmanship, Jobson notices the dilemma and ties Al Antaif’s shoe for him. The two exchange a high five and the game, tied 2-2, continues.

Then the referee intervenes. He blows the whistle for Al Antiaf taking too long to star play, thus giving Al Ittihad a free kick in a very dangerous area.

Safe to say that everyone in the entire stadium, Al Ittihad fans included, think the decision is a dubious one … to put it nicely. But in the continued spirit of sportsmanship, Al Ittihad just harmlessly pushes the ball out of bounds for a goal kick. Talk about fair play.

Final score line: Benevolence 2, Miserliness 1.

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Lazio striker Miroslav Klose endeared himself to his Napoli opponents, and likely the rest of Italy, with his act of sportsmanship on Wednesday.

Barely three minutes into the Serie A clash, Klose touched a corner past Napoli keeper Morgan De Sanctis to give Lazio an early lead. Napoli players were furious, and justifiably so after replays showed what the referee missed: a clear handball from the German striker.

Klose initially celebrated before coming clean to the referee, who spared the forward a yellow card and shook his hand. Napoli were equally grateful and congratulating their opponent as warmly as the Lazio players were moments earlier.

Klose and Lazio’s reward? A crushing 3-0 defeat.