Wait a second, North Korea is in the World Cup final?

What better way to raise a country’s morale than making it to the World Cup final?

And if you believe this newscast, North Korea has done just that.

According to the report, the North Korean team had a pretty impressive run in Brazil, beating Japan 7-0, USA 4-0 and China 2-0 — and now they’re facing off against Portugal in the final.

Of course, it’s a joke: the clip is cleverly spliced together with archival footage of the North Korean team on the field and fans in Rio watching leader Kim Jung-un on the big screen.

Although a few news organizations fell for the spoof early on, North Koreans know what is going on. Most of the games of the World Cup have been broadcast in North Korea, although sometimes on lengthy delay.

North Korea also did not qualify for this year’s tournament — but they did play in South Africa in 2010. Back then, they lost to Portugal 7-0.

H/T Metro


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