Cristiano Ronaldo is so over doing regular push-ups


Ronaldo with Irina. Are we sure they’re not just wax figures? (Image: Getty)

When you’re Cristiano Ronaldo, nothing about your life is normal. He dates a super model, plays for one of the biggest clubs in the world, makes way too much money and has magical hair gel that keeps his locks perfect at all times.

So why would his push-ups be normal?

Clearly, he is bored with the regular form of this exercise and decided to add a little extra challenge to it, because he’s Cristiano Ronaldo. He even gets back up like he’s super-human.

Come on, dude, stop making your teammates look bad.

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Another line of work: Real Madrid players try to play American football

Things that Xabi Alonso, Sergio Ramos, Gareth Bale, Luka Modric and the rest of Real Madrid are good at:

  • Shooting soccer balls
  • Passing soccer balls
  • Heading soccer balls
  • Running a lot

Unfortunately for the team, only one of those skills translates to American football, and it showed when they took the field in Michigan:

Not only did the boys toss the pigskin around a bit, they tried their hands at a few plays as well. It certainly wasn’t the prettiest athletic endeavor we’ve ever seen, but they look like they’re having a blast.

It’s the effort that counts, fellas.


Class act: Spanish 3rd division team dresses to the nines for charity match

Cultural Leonesa, a Spanish 3rd division team, turned some heads when they unveiled their dapper new kits: tuxedo shirts.

But now, we’ve finally gotten a chance to see the high-class gear in action and it is every bit the fashion statement we were hoping for.

Check out some video highlights of the penguin suits in action, especially the goalie’s stylish and sharp white tux.

The team wore the uniform as part of a charity match to benefit the local mining industry and celebrate the club’s 90th year.

Although, someone must have forgotten to tell the competition that it was a black tie affair.

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Luis Suarez forgets keys and is locked out of home in Spain

Since biting Giorgio Chiellini, Luis Suarez has been on a bit of a roller coaster. He had his appeal rejected, but then secured a move to Barcelona. However, because of his ban, he cannot be unveiled with his new club.

So Suarez is stuck in limbo while waiting in Spain for his eventual unveiling and introduction to the press. While he waits, he’s staying with his in-laws in Castelldefels outside of Barcelona.

Well, today we’ve learned that even a person as successful and wealthy and talented as Luis Suarez forgets his keys sometimes. Whoops:

The eager fans outside the house didn’t mind, of course, and Suarez obliged many of them with autographs and pictures. But man, the guy just can’t seem to catch a break these days. 

It sure seems like biting gives you bad karma. Who knew?

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Chilean celebrations turn destructive in Santiago after win vs. Spain


Chile had a lot to celebrate on Wednesday after knocking defending World Cup champions Spain out of the tournament with a huge 2-0 win. The team’s fans were so excited that they stormed the Maracana before the game even started.

But in Santiago the city-wide celebrations went overboard, unfortunately ending in violent clashes with the police:

The revelry led to fires, damage to what has been reported as 300 city buses and a huge clean-up operation. Local media described the crowd as a “red swarm” of office workers and locals in team colors:

But there was some positive news of sorts: shares in both Chile’s biggest brewery and its biggest winemaker were reported to have jumped more than 3% after Chile’s World Cup success.

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World Cup Day 7: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Just like “The Wall” in Game of Thrones, reaching the World Cup final is a long, grueling climb. On Wednesday, three nations saw their dreams cut down in agonizing fashion.

Cameroon and Australia were always long shots to make the knockout stage — but no one saw defending champions Spain bow out of the competition by the end of the first week. But this tournament has been about as predictable as Chicago weather or Taylor Swift’s next boyfriend, so maybe we shouldn’t be that surprised (Taylor, our humble blogger is still waiting for your call).

The end of Spain’s reign is another team’s gain, however, and that team could very well be Chile. La Roja were considered one of the dark horses of the World Cup going in, and after quickly securing progress to the Round of 16, they’re starting to live up to the hype.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Chile, though. We’ll explain in our latest edition of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.”



Wednesday started off with a bang. Tim Cahill scored his fifth career World Cup goal for the Socceroos — which at the time was half of Australia’s all-time tally — and what a strike it was.

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Chile fans troll Spain on Wikipedia after historic World Cup victory

Chile’s 2-0 defeat of Spain is one for the history books, literally.

Not only did Chile give a powerful performance against the defending World Cup champions at the Maracana on Wednesday,  but they also doomed the 2010 World Cup winners to an early exit from Brazil.

Chile fans didn’t waste any time on Wikipedia, though. Just take a look.


By the final whistle, the entry had been changed back to its original content.

Question now is: Who will be the next Wikipedia victim?

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Chile fans storm barrier at Maracana, break in to stadium

About 100 Chile fans busted through a security checkpoint at the Maracana stadium less than an hour before the Spain-Chile game Wednesday, damaging the media room as they desperately ran around in an apparent attempt to get into the game.

The red-shirted Chileans, mostly young men, sprinted through the huge FIFA media center underneath the stands and ran toward a corridor they apparently thought would lead to the grandstands.

But once inside that corridor, they realized it didn’t lead to the stands. They broke down a temporary wall, sending metal lockers crashing to the ground, according to AP journalists.

"I was the lone guy standing out there (near entry to press center)," security guard Diego Goncalves said. "All of a sudden they knocked down the fence and just pushed their way through."

One guard grabbed a Chilean by the neck and dragged him away.

Security guards eventually surrounded the group, made them sit on the ground and led them away in a line with each Chilean holding onto the shoulders of another in front of him.

Take a look at some of the scenes:


Trendsetter? ‘Persieing’ is actually a thing now


After Robin van Persie’s flying golazo against Spain last Friday, the Dutch striker belly-flopped on the pitch.

Now everyone is doing it.

Well at least van Persie’s 93-year-old grandfather.

Okay, the Dutch Embassy staff too.

Actually, there are dozens of pictures of people doing it. There’s even hashtag for it, #persieing. Explore it at your own risk. 

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Couple’s dream World Cup honeymoon to Brazil goes horribly wrong


It’s an extreme case of miscommunication.

Australian newlyweds Orin and Melissa van Lingen planned the honeymoon of their dreams, heading to Brazil in time for the World Cup — or so they thought.

Turns out, due to a serious snafu with their travel agent, the couple landed in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador — not Salvador, Brazil where Friday’s Spain versus Holland World Cup game was being played.

They’re only about 3,000 miles apart.

On Friday, Melissa van Lingen told the Sunday Territorian, Darwin, Australia’s local paper, that they were devastated.

"The game we watched today was the one we had a ticket for, Spain versus Holland, but unfortunately we had to watch it on TV — in a different country," she said. "The hardest part was seeing my husband’s face — it was heartbreaking."

The travel agency responsible for the mix-up says they are working to get the couple’s honeymoon back on track.

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