Linesman trolled so hard by Portuguese fans

Being a linesman can be a lonely gig, but one assistant referee in Portugal was recently lucky enough to have his very own cheering section.

In a third-division match between Ermesinde and Perosinho last month, a small group of comedians fans made it their mission to troll one of the linesmen, following him up and down the touchline and celebrating his every move.

Though the match official seems to find it quite amusing, we’d wager he grew exponentially more embarrassed as the prank continued.

This hasn’t been the first such stunt; check out these crazy Cadiz CF fans:

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Game in Italy to be replayed after wrong twin is sent off

imageDon’t worry, Andre. You’re not alone (Image: Reuters)

Just a few weeks ago, veteran Premier League referee Andre Marriner caught flack for sending off the wrong Arsenal player against Chelsea, hilariously mistaking Kieran Gibbs for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Alas, it seems Marriner has started a terrible trend, because over in Italy, a referee in an amateur league game made a similar error, albeit slightly more excusable.

In a ninth division match against GS Alviano, SSD Castello’s Michele Rossi saw a red card for a foul actually committed by his twin brother, Matteo.

From The Guardian:

"The referee, purely due to error, in the 27th minute of the second half sent off SSD Castello’s No. 7, Michele Rossi, instead of their No. 9, Matteo Rossi," wrote Marco Brusco, the sporting judge of the Umbria regional league organization.

The striker Matteo, who had put Castello 2-1 up, committed a foul that led to a row erupting between the two sides.

Amid the chaos the referee, a Mr. Cirillo from Terni, mistakenly sent off Michele instead of Matteo.

"It was an error that had an undoubted impact on the game and as such the match should be replayed," added Brusco.

How silly is it that. When such a mistake happens in the Italian ninth-division, the match gets replayed, but not in the Premier League?

Go figure.