Worse than Falcao: Galatasaray’s Aydin Yilmaz suffers broken leg

Want to see something more gruesome than Radamel Falcao’s knee injury? Maybe you don’t, but just like passing a car wreck, it’s impossible not to look.

Galatasaray winger Aydin Yilmaz broke his leg during a Turkish Cup match against Elazigspor while looking to make a defensive challenge. Going for a slide tackle on Serdar Özkan, the 25-year-old unfortunately got his leg caught in the grass, causing it to bend in a way it just isn’t meant to. Upon seeing what happened to Yilmaz, Özkan turned away in horror, his hands covering his face. It’s easy to see why.

Adding insult to injury, literally, Elazigspor won the match 1-0. We wish Yilmaz a speedy recovery.

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Falcao injures knee, could spell doom for Monaco and Colombia hopes

Radamel Falcao was stretchered off with a nasty knee injury during Monaco’s Coupe de France clash on Wednesday, spelling potential doom to both Monaco’s Ligue 1 and Colombia’s World Cup hopes. Falcao picked up the injury shortly after scoring the opening goal against Monts Or Azergues.

Whether Falcao will miss the rest of the season and the summer spectacle remains to be seen, but initial reports are not encouraging. Monaco released a short statement in regards to Falcao, saying the striker was hit in the left knee and that the club “must await further tests in the coming days to clarify the exact nature of the injury.”

Perhaps a better question is why Falcao was starting against a fourth-tier outfit, which was easily beaten 3-0, in the first place. It may just cost Monaco their run at a first Ligue 1 title since 2000, and Colombia — a dark horse candidate for the World Cup — their best player in Brazil.


Getafe player suffers an injury that will make every man squirm

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This story is not for people with weak stomachs.

Getafe defender Alexis Ruano ruptured veins in one of his testicles during Thursday’s 2-0 loss to Barcelona, causing the gonad to swell exponentially. This suddenly makes Neymar’s gruesome-looking ankle injury, for which he will miss about a month, look like a paper cut.


[Coach Luis Garcia] provided details of his player’s injury in response to questions from the media, providing an account of the ailment which he said he had never seen before during his time in football.
“One of Alexis’s testicles was like this” he said, holding up his hands to show a handball-sized ball. “He has broken some veins. It’s nothing serious. The swelling has already gone down, he should be fine for Sunday. I was shocked when I went into the dressing room, but it’s not serious. I’d never seen anything like it”, he admitted.

And if you’re wondering what the size of a handball is, here you go:


Good God!


Lloris incident proof that BPL needs to rethink protocol on head injuries


Hugo Lloris should never have stayed in the game.

The Tottenham goalkeeper was momentarily knocked out cold after his head violently collided with Romelu Lukaku’s knee, but incredibly returned to see out the match in favor of substitute Brad Friedel.

Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas defended his decision to keep Lloris on the field to Sky Sports after the match:

The medical department was giving me signs that the player couldn’t carry on, because he couldn’t remember where he was. But he was quite focused and determined to continue, so when you see this kind of assertiveness it means he is able to carry on, and that is why it was my call to delay the substitution… The call always belongs to me. Brad [Friedel] was ready to come in but the person Hugo is, there were enough signs for him to continue.

That is simply the wrong answer. Concussions cannot be taken this lightly.

All efforts by Lloris to stay on the field should have been thwarted by the Spurs’ medical staff, his manager, his teammates, the referee, anyone. The fact he was allowed to play on is not only an indictment on Villas-Boas for failing to protect his player, but also proof that the Premier League needs to rethink its policy on head injuries.

Currently, the BPL’s policy is as follows:

Any Player, whether engaged in a League Match, any other match or in training, who having sustained a head injury leaves the field of play, shall not be allowed to resume playing or training (as the case may be) until he has been examined by a medical practitioner and declared fit to do so.”

Sunday’s incident proves that this policy is utterly worthless. As Villas-Boas said, the medical team did not want Lloris to continue. It was his call.

How can the Premier League allow this to happen? A new policy, and indeed a league-wide education on head injuries and its serious short- and long-term effects, needs to be put in place.

Perhaps they should take a page out of Major League Soccer’s book. Per MLS rules, any player who suffers a head injury such as Lloris’ would immediately be substituted. He would then have to be deemed symptom-free and cleared by a neuropsychologist before resuming any type of activity.

Former MLS star Taylor Twellman, who suffers from post-concussion syndrome, was one of the first to call for change via Twitter:

Twellman is right. Players will always try to play through injuries, whatever the type - it’s how they are wired. In cases of head injuries, it’s the job of the managers and the doctors to prevent them from doing so. And it’s the league’s job to make that a requirement.


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Goalkeeper knocked unconscious after hitting post

If you’ve played goalkeeper before, you know there is always a risk of getting hurt even though you’re not a field player (just ask Petr Cech, who nearly lost his life in a scary collision with an opponent in 2006). In the Belgium Pro League this weekend, we saw exactly how scary life as a goalkeeper can be.

Sporting Lokeren’s Boubacar Copa Barry was knocked unconscious after smashing his head against the post while diving to his right to save a shot by Club Brugge’s Carlos Bacca. Barry, who is also Cote d’Ivoire’s national team keeper, remained motionless on the ground for several minutes before being stretchered off and taken to the nearest hospital.

Thankfully, Barry’s injury was not life-threatening. According to Belgian news site Knack.be, Barry suffered a concussion, but was later discharged from hospital.

UPDATE: Lokeren spokesman Romain Van Schoor said Tuesday the club ”does not expect him to play in any of the remaining games of the playoffs,” which end on May 19.


Here’s something you might see in hockey pretty frequently, but not on the soccer pitch: Zhivko Milanov of Romanian club FC Vaslui lost not one, not two, not three…not four…but FIVE teeth after accidentally being kicked in the face by CFR Cluj captain Cadu.

Cadu received a red card for the kick, but on second look, you have to say Milanov put himself in danger there unfortunately. Either way, what a gruesome injury!