Sydney Leroux attempts ‘Happy Gilmore’ golf swing, fails miserably


Anybody who ventures out to the driving range must attempt at least one “Happy Gilmore” swing. That’s just common knowledge. But while Adam Sandler makes it look all too easy in the cult classic, some of us know the struggle is real. Take United States women’s national team star Sydney Leroux for example:

It’s a good thing Leroux is wearing Richard Sherman’s “Don’t you ever talk about me” shirt, or else we might be tempted to give her some abuse for this.

She did get the hang of it, though (on her 29th try):

(H/T Deadspin)


Watch out, Tiger!

Real Madrid stars Raphael Varane, Gonzalo Higuain, Fabio Coentrao and Mesut Ozil took a day off from the pitch to play a round of FootGolf. Yes, golf with a soccer ball.

According to worldfootgolf.com and footgolf.info, FootGolf has been around for many years and is played in over thirty countries. Just as in golf, the main purpose of the game is to get the lowest possible number of kicks into a hole. Sounds easy, right?

Check out how the Real Madrid players ventured during their FootGolf session. Certainly looks like fun if you have that kind of time.