Taking a look at a record-setting day in the UEFA Champions League


Let us ask you guys one question: Do you like goals?

You do?

Then you were probably doing cartwheels while watching the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday.

FORTY goals were scored in all, a new record for a single day with eight matches on the agenda — 44 were scored in Oct. 1997, but there were 12 games under the old format — and we put all of them in one video for your viewing pleasure here.

You’re welcome.

It wasn’t the only record set on Tuesday.

Shakhtar Donetsk put in seven goals on their own against BATE Borisov — as did Bayern Munich at Roma — and were already up 6-0 by halftime, the largest lead ever in a Champions League match at the half.

The 7-0 final score also marked the biggest away win in the competition’s history:

Of those seven goals, Luiz Adriano scored FIVE, making him only the second player — equaling Barcelona’s Lionel Messi total versus Bayer Leverkusen in 2012 — ever to score that many in one Champions League match. Being in the company of Messi is never a bad thing!

The Brazilian also scored four in one half, the first time that has been achieved, and did so in just 17 minutes, another record.


Wednesday, you have a lot to live up to!

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Seeing yellow! Goalkeeper busted taking a leak during match

When you gotta go … you gotta go.

Such was the case for Excelsior ‘31 keeper Arjan Kok (no laughing!) in a match against CSV Apeldoorn. Apparently the net-minder has a pea-sized bladder, as he took it upon himself to do a little grass-watering behind the touchline during the match.

A quick-thinking spectator managed to record the end of the act, which drew a smattering of applause from the crowd. And, for what it’s worth, Excelsior ‘31 cruised to a 4-0 victory.

We’ll leave it to you to make your own urine-related jokes. Have at it!

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High school player chooses Neymar meet-and-greet over $10K payout

image(Image: Getty)

Meet Neymar, or bag a cool $10,000 instead?

For most, that’s likely a tough decision. But for Americas High School (El Paso) junior Rhiannon Conelley, the choice was easy.

The 16-year-old student-athlete won a contest put on during the World Cup by Brazilian soft-drink outfit Guaraná Antarctica, with the grand-prize being her choice between a free trip to Spain to meet her idol, or 10 grand in cash.

"I just wanted to meet Neymar, I thought that was more important than the $10,000. Everyone disagrees with that, but I’m sticking to my guns," she said, via the El Paso Times.

Conelley, her varsity team’s goalkeeper, won the contest by submitting a photo of her in a Brazil kit doing some juggling tricks, and of course, holding a tasty can of Guaraná Antarctica:


(Image: MeetNeymar.com)

The junior beat out thousands of entrants by claiming 4,113 votes, nearly 1,000 more than second place.

Although it’s not determined exactly when Conelley will get to meet Neymar, she, her mother and her team’s soccer coach will all fly to Spain to link up with the Barcelona phenom.

So, what will she say when she finally gets to meet her idol?

"I’ll ask him if he wants to marry me," she joked to the El Paso Times, then backpedaled.

"I don’t want to scare him too much," she said. "I don’t want him to call security to kick me out."

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Pennsylvania high school soccer team under fire for Ebola chants at opposing player


A Pennsylvania high school boys soccer team is facing repercussions after allegedly taunting an opposing player of West African descent with chants about Ebola.

The Northampton High School’s soccer coaches resigned on Tuesday and the involved students will face disciplinary action.

According to The Morning Call, the school district finished their investigation into the incident on Tuesday and, according to Northampton Area School District Superintendent Joseph Kovalchik, “appropriate discipline will be dispensed to any students who violated the code of conduct.”

The taunting occurred in a match against Nazareth High School last week when a 16-year-old player for Nazareth was reportedly the target of racial slurs as well as Ebola comments.

According to the targeted teen’s guardian, he came to the United States about three years ago from a small town in Guinea, where his parents still live.

"I think some of it was trash talk. He had scored the first goal," said Edward Bachert, a local police chief whose family took in the boy three years ago. "Getting him out of the game was certainly an advantage. I don’t know if that was the strategy."

During last week’s game, the teen was reportedly distressed by the alleged Ebola remarks and charged a Northampton player for which he was ejected from the game.

However, Nazareth students have rallied around him. Some have worn bracelets and posted tweets with the message, “EndRacism.”

"When there’s a teachable moment, we’re going to take advantage of that," Kovalchik said of his meeting with the Northampton players. "Education is life-long. It’s ongoing."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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Inter’s Juan Jesus offers to trade places with critical fan

imageInter Milan is struggling in Serie A. Heading into the season with high expectations, the Nerrazzuri have instead fallen to 10th place and their faithful fans are getting restless.

Trying to lighten the mood, vice captain Juan Jesus took to Twitter during the international break and offered all 122,000 of his followers a virtual hug, saying “Whatever happens, we are always together. A hug to you.”

 Yeah, that didn’t go over too well.

According to Football Italia, one fan was apparently so irate by the defender’s words that he fired back, “Whatever happens you always take your salary!! Wake up!! You need to win.”

Juan Jesus hit back, writing “you’ve always got money on your mind. It’s easy for you to say, I’d like to see you on the field.”

The fan demanded a “different attitude” and the Brazilian became irritated. “How about we swap places. I’ll give you my wages and you live my life (training, travel, games). According to you we do things for a laugh.

“You don’t know how much I suffer to lose even if it’s to half a goal. So do this: ensure that you do everything you can as a supporter and we’ll do our part on the pitch.”

*Raises hand*

Yeah, umm, Juan?

We would like to trade places with you. Like, whenever you want. 

Let us know.


Mario Balotelli sad that his pet pig isn’t with him in Liverpool

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Some little piggies go to the market, and some little piggies stay home. For Mario Balotelli’s pet porker, Super, the latter is the case.

The Liverpool striker purchased the pig while in Italy with AC Milan, and according to The Sun, English bureaucracy is keeping Balotelli from bringing Super into the country.

The little oinker is barred from the country because Balotelli “must first register as a breeder, then get a certificate of health from an Italian vet before she is allowed to fly,” The Sun reported.

I mean, c’mon. How can you say no to that little piglet? We say cut the red tape! #FreeSuper!

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Young Man United fan sobs because her school uniform is blue


Looks like someone doesn’t like their onesie … (Image: FOXSports.com illustration)

Anyone who says that you can’t be born with a passion for football clearly hasn’t heard of young Lilly Rae Doyle.

Lilly Rae, a 3-year-old Manchester United fan diehard, is blowing up after video of her bawling her little eyes out hit the Internet:

You see, Lilly was distraught at having to wear a blue uniform for school, the color of United’s bitter arch-rivals Manchester City. She’s simply beside herself, tearing at the uniform and crying “I don’t want it on!”

Remember: She’s just 3 years old, so this probably is literally the worst thing that’s ever happened to her. Despite her mom, Faye’s, efforts to calm her down, young Lilly just can’t handle the thought of donning blue.

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Arsenal fans light flares outside Stamford Bridge, delay match

In case you were wondering what this “incident” was that delayed Sunday’s London derby between Chelsea and Arsenal, maybe this picture will clear it up:

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Galatasaray fans interrupt Champions League match with flare storm


Galatasaray were already down 2-0 to Arsenal when the throng of away fans - clearly uninspired by what they saw - began throwing dozens of flares onto the pitch (WATCH it here), briefly interrupting Wednesday’s match.

During the stoppage, vice-captain Wesley Sneijder went over to the fans to try and calm them down, knowing full well that in this day and age, UEFA are doling out punishment for fan behavior left and right.

Strangely enough, though, it might be Arsenal who get in trouble:

The Turkish fans’ performance didn’t exactly “light a fire” under their team. Galatasaray fell further behind before getting a lone consolation goal on a second-half penalty as Arsenal won 4-1.

Here are some more pictures, courtesy of Reuters:





Pitch invader scores Ronaldinho’s signature

imageIn what we must consider the golden age of pitch invaders, it is no longer enough to run aimlessly around the field to draw a laugh from the crowd or earn your 10 seconds of fame. There needs to be an actual purpose now.

This summer proved as much, as dozens of daredevil fans started taking selfies with players - to much success, too - an important milestone for pitch invaders all over the world.

Now, one fan in Mexico has taken it to yet another level. In the second half of Queretaro’s match at Atlas, a young man in a Brazil shirt sprinted onto the field with just one goal in mind: get Ronaldinho’s signature.

And sure enough, he did. Wait for the replay at the :45 second mark to see Dinho give the fan his John Hancock:

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