Class act: Spanish 3rd division team dresses to the nines for charity match

Cultural Leonesa, a Spanish 3rd division team, turned some heads when they unveiled their dapper new kits: tuxedo shirts.

But now, we’ve finally gotten a chance to see the high-class gear in action and it is every bit the fashion statement we were hoping for.

Check out some video highlights of the penguin suits in action, especially the goalie’s stylish and sharp white tux.

The team wore the uniform as part of a charity match to benefit the local mining industry and celebrate the club’s 90th year.

Although, someone must have forgotten to tell the competition that it was a black tie affair.

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Norwegian football club gets big boost from super fan’s estate


(Image via @FLFart)

A Norwegian football club just got a big boost to their bank account thanks to a local fan.

Erling Andreassen, who passed away at the age of 91 in July, left nearly all his estate to his local club in Vang, Norway: FL Fart.

(Okay, yes, funny name, have a laugh — can we move on now?)

The estate totals nearly four million Norwegian Krone ($636,000) and will go into the coffers of FL Fart. The club is best known for their successful women’s team, which is playing in Norway’s top tier women’s league.

The team issued a statement on the “magnificent” gift, saying the board hasn’t decided how the funds will be allocated, but it will be brought up at their annual meeting to figure out how to best use them. For a club of such a small size, this donation will go a long way.

And since you’re still chuckling about the club name, “Fart” translates as “speed” in Norwegian.

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Watch: Young teen spreads joy of football with charity


Our friends at The Original Winger have known about Ethan King for years, and it’s high time you do, too.

Ethan is a 14-year-old who made waves when he started his own charity four years ago. That’s right, he was just 10 at the time. Ten years old. 

"Charity Ball" sets out to deliver high-quality soccer balls to impoverished children. In four years, Ethan has helped hand-deliver over 4,000 soccer balls to kids who couldn’t afford them all over the world.

Now, a delightful mini documentary by DressCode captures Ethan’s efforts to make other childrens’ lives a little more joyful. The doc follows around Ethan as he makes his latest trip to Mozambique, in tow with Borussia Dortmund defender and philanthropist Neven Subotić.

We won’t do it any justice talking about it, you should just watch it, and share:

Pass The Ball from dress code on Vimeo.