GOOOOOOOOOOAL or GOAL? How hard does each World Cup nation celebrate?

Are you a fanatical or a silent celebrator? When your team scores a goal, do you go nuts, or will a simple fist pump do?

Thanks to the guys over at Quartz, we now have a breakdown of how the average fan celebrates their country scoring a World Cup goal. Their formula? The amount of extra o’s fans use on average in celebrating a goal on Facebook.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s Mexico who top the list ahead of a glut of South Americans, with a whopping 6.63 extra o’s on average. The United States can be found in the middle of the pack with 3.32 extra o’s celebrating the likes of Clint Dempsey and Julian Green bagging goals.

There are few surprises towards the bottom of the list, too. The United Kingdom (well, just England really), parted with just an extra 0.42 o’s in celebrating their World Cup 2014 goals. Mind, they did only have two to cry home about.


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Player scores, celebrates by giving himself a round of applause in the stands

It’s not often you get to applaud yourself for a job well done. But Trakai striker Dmitriy Kovb did that — in the most literal sense — after scoring for his club.

The Belarusian has excellent form with this celebration. Hands raised and cupped perfectly, an impressed look on his face while looking relaxed with his leg up on his opposite knee. 

Two thumbs up, Dmitriy.



Columbus Crew’s Dominic Oduro really loves pizza


Nobody loves pizza more than Dominic Oduro loves pizza.

And to prove it, the Columbus Crew forward shaved the design of actual slices of pizza in his hair. Pepperonis and all. Check it out:

Who else is getting hungry?

Sadly, Oduro’s delicious ‘do couldn’t inspire Columbus to a win on Saturday, as the Crew tied NY Red Bulls, 1-1. Oduro came on as a second-half substitute but failed to score, which may have robbed us of a chance to see his favorite goal celebration:

Told ya. That man really enjoys his pizza.

Image: MLS


Dominic Oduro celebrates goal with pizza

Columbus Crew striker Dominic Oduro is a hungry man. Hungry for goals — he leads the team with 11 this season, good for fifth in MLS — and certainly hungry for pizza.

Oduro was celebrating his opening goal against the Chicago Fire before remembering he had a personal pizza waiting for him on the sideline. Sure enough, Oduro was handed the box by a club employee, took a bite and gave the rest of the pizza to a fan in the front row.

Clever stuff, but it isn’t even the best celebration involving food. Remember these Icelandic guys?

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