Wes Brown still saves his cereal box coupons for Legoland tickets


Even professional soccer players like to save a buck or two.

Sunderland’s Wes Brown earns over $2 million a year, but that hasn’t stopped him and his wife Leanne from collecting coupons off the back of cereal boxes in order to get a discount at Legoland.

While on vacation before the start of the new Premier League season, the spouse of the Black Cats defender revealed their money-saving ways on Twitter a couple days ago:

There’s no punch line here. We would’ve done the same thing.

H/T Daily Mail
Photo courtesy of Getty Images / FOX Sports Illustration

Fans help out Emirates light failure with cell phones

During Friday’s fourth round FA Cup match between Arsenal and Coventry City, several of the light fixtures at the Emirates Stadium suddenly went out, prompting fans to chant “Arsenal, pay the bill.”

Luckily, plenty of fans from both sides apparently had the Flashlight app on their smartphones and provided some timely backup: