Tough competition: Brazilian men are pretending to be foreign to pick up girls


Brazilians may be known for their sex appeal but during this World Cup, some locals are losing out to the influx of foreigners.

So some Brazilian men are taking action: they are posing as tourists in popular night clubs to try to win the favor of Brazilian women.

According to a column for Folha de Sao Paulo, speaking in bad English or “Portunhol” (a mix of Portuguese and Spanish) or attempting basic greetings in French and Italian have become the pick-up weapons of choice to get Brazilian girls.

The challenge is staying in ‘character.’ And the ruse may not be working as well as it seems.

One woman, 21-year-old student Thais Iwanow, told Folha de Sao Paulo that she has been tricked by a fake foreigner. “I noticed he was faking because of a stupid detail! So I told him to get lost! Now I turn my back on any guy who approaches me speaking English!”

Brazilian women can take comfort in knowing there are only a few more weeks left of World Cup fans flooding the country.


Fan bares all to distract Diego Costa’s PK attempt against Getafe

Warning: The image and video below contain partial nudity.

Fans will go to extreme lengths to distract players on opposing teams, but this is one of the most shameless we’ve seen.

When Diego Costa stepped up to take a penalty kick for Atletico Madrid against Getafe on Sunday, one dedicated fan dropped trou in an attempt to throw Costa off.

It worked.

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German Samurai, Pant-less Giroud highlight Arsenal’s Asia Tour


Image via Facebook

On the field, Arsenal enjoyed lots of goals on their preseason tour through Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia. It seems like the Gunners had a “blast” off the field as well.

For one, Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker showed off their affinity for Japanese culture by dressing up as Samurai warriors and staging a live ‘showdown’ in front of teammates and fans. Seriously, this video might be the greatest thing to come out of Japan since the Sony Playstation:

(video H/T 101GG)

And if that wasn’t enough, the club posted a video of “Arsenal Tour Outtakes” to their website, chronicling the shenanigans of Mertesacker, Podolski, Olivier Giroud and co.

Warning: video may or may not include footage of Giroud in his underwear:


We love games. We love FIFA 13. We also love funny game bugs such as this slide tackle glitch that sends poor Mario Balotelli twenty yards down the field like a hockey puck on pond ice.