Olivier Cheatrou! Gunners star admits to affair with Twitter apology

imageImage: Sunday Sun (via 101GG)

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has publicly apologized on social media for  cheating on his wife, admitting to week-long rumors he had an early-morning affair with glamour model Celia Kay. This is Celia.

The affair is supposed to have occurred the night before Arsenal’s match against Crystal Palace on Feb. 2 in the team’s hotel room, breaking club rules. The picture above from the Sunday Sun, said to be taken by Kay, shows Giroud in his briefs in the room.

The married Frenchman had denied reports earlier, but now confessed on the indiscretions via Twitter, in both English and French:

Giroud’s apology came just 90 minutes before Arsenal’s FA Cup 2-1 victory against Liverpool, for which he was notably absent from the first XI. Club manager Wenger answered why he left Giroud on the bench after the match:

"I kept Giroud on the bench because he looked a little tired. I know where you want to lead me, slowly but surely, but he has made a statement, and there’s not much more to add to that. I want to respect his privacy as well."

The scandal really couldn’t have come at a worse time. The Gunners play in the match of their season against Bayern Munich in the Champions League Round of 16 first leg on Wednesday.

As if getting outed for cheating on your wife by a newspaper picture of you in your briefs isn’t bad enough of a look, the last tweet before Sunday’s apology posts was this one:

The one thing Giroud can feel good about? He’ll never top Kolo Toure’s ridiculous affair story. You remember the story, when Toure pretended to his mistress he was a French car salesman? Yeah, that one:


Lecce Winger Ousmane Dramè’s Monday night sexcapade gone wrong


Blogging Gods, we accept and thank you for your gift.

Italian third-division side Lecce had to deal with a rather bizarre police report this week after winger Ousmane Dramè reportedly attempted to solicit the services from a Nigerian prostitute with his iPhone 5 as his form of payment.

According to Italian news agency ANSA, the 20-year-old Frenchmen then apparently changed his mind about giving up his iPhone (who can blame him?) and allegedly stole the prostitute’s purse and took off on a bicycle.

Wait, it gets weirder. ANSA published further details:

A Lecce soccer player was charged Monday for (ed: allegedly) stealing a purse from a prostitute and fleeing by bicycle after reneging on a deal to give her his iPhone 5 for sex.

Ousmane Dramè, a French national and striker for the third-division club, was reportedly chased down by a transsexual friend of the robbed Nigerian streetwalker after the incident early Monday.

Police also charged Dramè with injuring the transsexual when he allegedly tripped him as he tried to wrest the purse from his hands.

Oh that is all? Just your typical Monday night out then.

The club reacted with a statement on its website claiming they would suspend Dramé and terminate his contract if the “facts were confirmed.”