Gross! Swiss football shocked by urine scandal

imageEw. Ew. EW!

A “piss attack” against a player in the fourth division of Swiss football has prompted outrage and concern over a lack of security in the lower leagues.

According to Swiss newspaper Blick, FC Muri goalkeeper Reto Felder was the target of a prank by FC Baden fans behind his net during their match on Saturday.

The fans allegedly asked a ball boy to hand them Felder’s water bottle while he wasn’t looking. The fans quickly emptied, then re-filled the bottle with urine.

The next time Felder took a drink from the bottle there was a huge uproar from the fans behind him: “You have been infected! You have AIDS,” the report says.

Felder complained about still feeling nauseous the following day and planned to seek out a doctor on Monday.

Unsurprisingly, Muri coach Beat Hubeli was outraged:

“That’s from the bottom drawer. I’ve played football all my life and experienced a lot, but this surpasses everything.”

FC Baden president Thomi Bram was horrified by his fans’ actions and promised to launch an internal investigation.

“This is a serious abuse of fair play if it has actually happened that way,” Bram said.

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Age fraud? Monaco striker Radamel Falcao allegedly older than believed


Trouble in paradise?

Radamel Falcao was introduced at Monaco just three weeks ago, welcomed by a juicy contract and everything wonderful the French Riviera offers after completing a €60m move from Atletico Madrid. But before Monaco even begins their Ligue 1 campaign, their newly-prized asset is already at the center of a damning storm.

A recently published Colombian report questions whether or not “El Tigre” is truly 27 years old as documented by FIFA records, and not two years older as an old civil registration form would suggest.

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Nigeria suspends teams involved in “scandalous” 79-0 and 67-0 scorelines


There is match-fixing, and then there is this.

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) pledged on Tuesday that it will come down hard on four clubs that were involved in a rather outrageous case of alleged fraud.

Two of the clubs in question were both chasing promotion, knowing that goal differential would determine their fate. Playing their matches at the same time, both teams entered the halftime break with moderate leads, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, in the second half, the clubs not-so-mysteriously managed to rack up a massive number of goals. When all was said and done, the two teams secured mind-boggling 79-0 and 67-0 victories.

From TheGuardian.com:

In the matches, played at the same time, Plateau United Feeders reportedly scored 72 of their goals in the second half to beat Akurba FC 79-0. Police Machine swept 61 goals past Babayaro FC in the second 45 minutes of their 67-0 game.

The NFF called it “a mind-boggling show of shame” and said players, match officials and the tournament coordinator would be investigated for match-fixing.

The federation’s director of competitions said “anyone found to have played some role in this despicable matter” would be “severely dealt with”.

Not surprisingly, all four clubs involved have since been suspended while the NFF investigates. Just makes you wonder, did the players and coaches really think that everyone was just going to turn a blind eye on these obscene scorelines? That there would be no questions at all? C’mon man!

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Spain players reportedly staged strip poker party on night of hotel robbery


Thomas Hautmann (@HautmannOnFOX)

A few days ago, news broke that several Spanish players’ rooms were broken into and robbed at the Confederations Cup.

Maybe they forgot to mention a few minor details.

According to overwhelming reports from Brazil, on the night in question several women were allegedly seen entering the players’ rooms where they all played a round of strip poker before the robbery took place.

Hotel employees reportedly told Brazilian media giant Globo that players ordered a band to come play in the room to celebrate Spain’s opening match victory over Uruguay. The report adds that the band played until 1 a.m. and that the five women joined five players and members of the technical staff for a late-night game of adult entertainment. It wasn’t until later in the morning that several players, including Shakira’s boyfriend Gerard Pique, discovered cash and valuables stolen from their rooms.

Though the Spanish federation acknowledged that six of its players were robbed at the team hotel, the players and Spanish football association have called these reports a “total lie.”

Either way, someone has some serious explaining to do.


Lecce Winger Ousmane Dramè’s Monday night sexcapade gone wrong


Blogging Gods, we accept and thank you for your gift.

Italian third-division side Lecce had to deal with a rather bizarre police report this week after winger Ousmane Dramè reportedly attempted to solicit the services from a Nigerian prostitute with his iPhone 5 as his form of payment.

According to Italian news agency ANSA, the 20-year-old Frenchmen then apparently changed his mind about giving up his iPhone (who can blame him?) and allegedly stole the prostitute’s purse and took off on a bicycle.

Wait, it gets weirder. ANSA published further details:

A Lecce soccer player was charged Monday for (ed: allegedly) stealing a purse from a prostitute and fleeing by bicycle after reneging on a deal to give her his iPhone 5 for sex.

Ousmane Dramè, a French national and striker for the third-division club, was reportedly chased down by a transsexual friend of the robbed Nigerian streetwalker after the incident early Monday.

Police also charged Dramè with injuring the transsexual when he allegedly tripped him as he tried to wrest the purse from his hands.

Oh that is all? Just your typical Monday night out then.

The club reacted with a statement on its website claiming they would suspend Dramé and terminate his contract if the “facts were confirmed.”