Brazilian Sandro gives Rafael Moura a kiss on the neck after clash

Oftentimes players get chippy on the pitch and their clashes escalate to an unacceptable level.

Such was not the case at the Copa do Brazil match between Ceara and Internacional.

After Ceara’s Sandro and Internacional’s Rafael Moura took a bit of a tumble, it looked as though things could get ugly. Until Sandro leaned in and gave Moura a delicate little kiss on the neck.

Yup, you read that right. They kissed and made up, just like we’re taught as kids! How sweet! Good to see cooler heads prevailed.

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Sandro sends terrifying warning to Charlie Adam

This tackle by Stoke’s Charlie Adam has Tottenham midfielder Paulinho sidelined for up to a month. It’s not the first time Adam has seemingly gone after Spurs players, including a couple of incidents involving Gareth Bale.

Adam took to Twitter to clear the air:

Paulinho’s fellow Brazilian teammate, Sandro, had a message for Adam as well, using his own Twitter and Instagram accounts to send a menacing warning:

imageCharlie Adams - THE BEAST IS WATCHING YOU!!! - @sandroraniere

Adam may be a little more cautious next time he takes on Tottenham.


Sandro snubs Italian interest

Tottenham have had a season to forget so far. Having lavished over £100 million on fresh talent after Gareth Bale’s exit, they are languishing outside the Premier League’s top four. Sandro has been one of the bright sparks in a so far disappointing campaign.

Monday’s newspapers say the Brazilian midfielder has rejected interest from Italian clubs including Roma and giants Inter Milan.

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Tottenham’s Sandro waxed in effort to make The Beast cry

¡Ay carumba! Spurs TV has done it again. Last month, Sandro, aka “The Beast,” was quoted as saying, “The Beast does not cry.”

Searching for a way to make Tottenham’s Brazilian midfielder eat his words, Spurs TV took to social media to field suggestions. One fan recommended waxing the decidedly hairy man’s legs.

And thus, the video above was born. The exchange between The Beast and the Spurs TV host before the act itself is pure comedy, but if you’d prefer to skip to the nitty-gritty, go ahead and fast forward to the one-minute mark.

Sandro handles it like a champ, and even asks for more! And then, after laughing off the feeble attempt to make The Beast cry, Sandro curiously takes a whiff of the waxing strip.

Whew! Good thing it wasn’t a Brazilian wax.