Southampton missed out on 25% of Gareth Bale’s record transfer fee!


Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.

Southampton fans, you might want to look away.

When the Saints sold a relatively unknown teenager named Gareth Bale to Tottenham in 2007, there was a sell-on clause in his transfer that guaranteed Southampton a 25% stake in any future transfer fee for the Welsh player. After Real Madrid dished out a reported world record fee of $132 million, that would seem like fantastic news to Saints fans.


Unfortunately, just a year after selling Bale to Spurs, Southampton found themselves short on cash and chose to waive the clause in place for a lump sum of roughly $4 million plus a young goalkeeping prospect named Tommy Forecast (he’s never been heard from again). Not quite the estimated $33 million they would have netted this weekend.

Of course, nobody could’ve foreseen Bale to garner a world record transfer fee just five years after leaving St Mary’s, but just knowing this minor detail will be sure to cause Southampton fans some grief today!



(H/T The Mirror)


San Lorenzo puts Pope Francis’ face on jerseys, promptly wins game on own goal

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

After learning that the newly elected leader of the Catholic church, Pope Francis I, was an avid supporter of Argentinian side San Lorenzo, the team proudly had “Papa Francisco” badges put on their jerseys for the game against Colon.

And wouldn’t you know it, thanks to the power of the papal stickers, the “Saints” (yes, of course that’s their nickname) won with a little divine intervention: an own goal from the opposition!

Here’s the goal in question: