Samsung wishes Landon Donovan good luck today against Portugal

Whoever is running the Samsung Middle East Twitter feed is having a rough day.

They’ve apparently forgotten who actually made the US World Cup squad.


The corporate account was sending good wishes to some of the stars sponsored by the tech company including Cristiano Ronalso, Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney. They just never updated their ad campaign when Donovan was cut.

Donovan is only marginally included in Samsung’s video to go with the advertising, which was tweeted out on June 19.

(See him way in the back, fourth from the left?)

One wonders how much they had to re-edit that video.


Nike rolls out yet another epic World Cup ad


Nike has upped the ante in the World Cup advertising game.

After killing it with their brilliant "Winner Stays" TV spot, Nike Football has released a second 5-minute short film that will whet your appetite for the World Cup. This one, however, is animated!

Titled “The Last Game,” the ad tells the story of how soccer’s biggest stars get replaced by perfect footballing clones, cast away to perform regular ol’ boring jobs. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for instance, hopelessly tries to sell copies of his “I Am Zlatan” book, Neymar and David Luiz cut hair (that makes sense), Wayne Rooney is a fisherman and Cristiano Ronaldo is employed as a human mannequin (that definitely makes sense).

Seeing how ‘The Beautiful Game’ has been ruined by clones, the “other” Ronaldo decides to take a stand and convinces “the originals” to unite and challenge the clones for one last match, with the losers quitting the sport forever.

The result is thoroughly entertaining:


Wayne Rooney shares his World Cup playlist

If you’ve ever wanted to know what music gets Wayne Rooney prepared for matches, you’re in luck. The England striker shared his World Cup playlist on Twitter, and the mix of songs is rather fascinating.

It kicks off with Drunk In Love, because let’s be honest, no playlist would be complete without Beyonce on it.


Rooney follows that up with a strong selection of English artists — perhaps looking to get some inspiration from his fellow countrymen? Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg, Passenger, James Blunt, Mumford & Sons and Sam Smith all made the cut.

But what is most interesting concerning about this list? The lack of upbeat music. It seems more suited for relaxing than getting hyped for a soccer match. Maybe it’s to help him fall asleep after the game?


Beckhamesque! Wayne Rooney scores from halfway line

imageImages: Reuters

Wayne Rooney makes $500,000 a week for Manchester United, which would normally infuriate every single one of us. But on this weekend, he’s worth every penny of that sum. Why do we say that?

Because look at this goal, that’s why:

Simply stunning.

Rooney’s half-volley rocket from about the halfway line gave United an early, thunderous 1-0 lead over West Ham, and David Moyes a rare reason to jump up off his bench in ecstasy. On the other side, poor Hammers keeper Adrian could only tumble to the ground helplessly as the ball swerved up and over him.

Good thing David Beckham was sitting down. The United legend was in attendance with his sons, clearly impressed by what he just witnessed:

imageImage via: @geniusfootball

Beckham, of course, knows a thing or two about scoring long-range golazos. He smashed one in from a similar spot as Rooney seventeen and a half years ago, against Wimbledon:

So, whose is better?

Sky Sports (h/t BBC Sport) asked Rooney himself if his goal was better than Beckham’s, to which the Rooney replied: “Of course, yeah!”

"It was just instinct," Rooney added. "I turned, had a quick look and saw the keeper off the line. I’ve tried it many times and thankfully it went in."


Jose Mourinho literally laughs off Wayne Rooney rumors

Transfer rumors really are just that: Rumors.

While it’s been no secret that Chelsea manager has an affinity for Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, it’s highly unlikely he’d acknowledge any speculation at this time. After all, ‘tis the season for dodging questions!

So, when Mou was asked again about Chelsea being linked with Rooney, the manager laughed it off and asked, “Linked by who?”

Chuckles were had, but the whole room really had a laugh when a member of the media fessed up and said, “Me!”

It gave Mourinho the perfect scapegoat for the question. Jose redirected any further pressing by the original reporter to the one claiming responsibility for the rumor.

And in the end, all of us are left to ponder the truth.

(h/t 101GG)


Wayne Rooney plays football golf in Nike ad

On the day adidas are releasing the new World Cup ball, rival supplier Nike is looking to steal some of the spotlight with a clever advertisement for their own new ball, the Nike Ordem. The ad features Wayne Rooney facing off against Rory McIlroy in a game of modified golf, as well as a surprise cameo at the end by another football legend.

Using the Nike Ordem, Rooney incredibly matches McIlroy “swing” for swing on the golf course, all accompanied by the catchy Bing Crosby tune “Straight Down the Middle.” Obviously, the commercial’s message is to point out the Ordem’s unprecedented flight control, allowing Rooney to hit the flagstick time and time again, much to the frustration of the two-time Major winner.

Below is the ball in question. Stay tuned to see how it matches up with the much-anticipated adidas brazuca, which will be unveiled on Tuesday.



Images courtesy of Nike.