Trecker’s Travels, Day Twelve: The Fall


Photo: Jamie Trecker / FOX Soccer

By: Jamie Trecker


Shanna called me from the States yesterday. It was her birthday and it was hot in Chicago, 86ºF and rising. Unfortunately, it’s still October here in London, and I have been dodging the twin plagues of downpours and frost. Anyway, she wanted me to get her a nice gift.

So, I did what any sensible person would do: I looked in the NME, and then headed out to Clapham Junction to see The Fall on the twin grounds that it is always warm in a pub and the Fall are freaking great.

For once, I was not the oldest man at a punk show. This is due to the band’s longevity: they’ve been about since the late 70s and are currently touring in support of their 30th LP, “Re-Mit”. Their core audience –- anorak-wearing record collectors suffering from varying stages of male-pattern baldness – is almost sweet in its uniformity. All of us in that bracket got there right at 7 when doors opened, and then dutifully went right to the merch table. Greybeard after greybeard bought the band’s newest album on vinyl, some for the second or third time, and then held onto those purchases for four hours during the show.

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