No 2 Racism! Nigel De Jong reacts to latest banana-throwing episode

When will it stop?!

AC Milan’s Kevin Constant became the latest target of racism by getting a banana thrown at him from the stands. But like Barcelona’s Dani Alves before him, Constant’s teammate Nigel De Jong came up with the perfect response.

Now of course, De Jong couldn’t simply eat the banana - that was supposed to be Neymar’s thing. Instead, he opted to just pick it up and sarcastically applaud the crowd, before abating the imbecilic act with some humor after the match. Check it out:


"We are all monkeys" banana selfie trend was pre-planned


It turns out the social media explosion after Dani Alves’ brilliant act of eating a banana thrown at him by a racist fan wasn’t as spontaneous a reaction as we all thought.

According to Spanish newspaper AS and the Associated Press, his Brazilian teammate Neymar, who has been the target for racial abuse often this season, hatched a plan a couple of weeks ago with the help of a team of advisors, including Neymar’s father. The plan was that next time Neymar had a banana thrown at him — something that would inevitably (and sadly) happen — he would eat it.

It turned out that Alves was a target of this disgusting act before Neymar. The act of eating the banana was spontaneous, as Alves said he was “just trying to use a positive attitude to counter a negative attitude.”

But Neymar jumped at the opportunity to launch the campaign, posting a photo and the pre-planned hashtags #weareallmonkeys and #somostodosmacacos, conceived by Brazilian marketing firm Loducca.


Guga Ketzer, a partner at Loducca, said:

Actions speak louder than words. A gesture needs no translation and what we’re seeing is that this has gone viral, globally. The concept was for Neymar to eat the banana, but in the end it was Alves, and that works just the same.

The best way to beat prejudice is to take the sting out of the action so it is not racist repeated. We created #weareallmonkeys #somostodosmacacos, with the gesture of eating a banana, and it has been turned into a movement.

Following Dani Alves’ impulsive on-field meal and Neymar’s pre-planned reaction, soccer players, fans and even politicians around the world began uploading pictures of themselves eating bananas to help take a stand against racism. These were not planned.

The fact Neymar’s reaction wasn’t as impulsive as we originally thought shouldn’t matter much. Though the ‘Banana Selfie Movement’ may have lost some of its romance, it still managed to get the word out against racism in a positive, sweeping way.


Dani Alves backed by football world following banana incident


Dani Alves had barely finished eating his banana when support for his brilliant anti-racism stunt began pouring in. (If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the video.)

After the Barcelona defender munched on a banana thrown at him by a bigoted fan during Sunday’s match at Villarreal, his girlfriend Thaissa Carvalho quickly started a trend that took social media by storm.

Carvalho Instragrammed a picture of her entire family posing with half-eaten bananas, along with the hashtag #somostodosmacacos:

Alves’ injured Barca teammate Neymar joined the movement soon thereafter, adding the English translation of the hashtag - #weareallmonkeys - for his millions of followers. He wouldn’t be the last.

Soon enough, Alves and Neymar’s fellow professional footballers all over Europe joined the fray with pictures of them eating bananas, including Luis Suarez, Hulk, Marta and Sergio Aguero:

Not only did people around the world take a stand against racism with him, but Villarreal has also acted swiftly against the fan who threw the banana.


Dani Alves shows everyone how you combat racism

How perfect is this?

In the late stages of Barcelona’s 3-2 win at Villarreal on Sunday, a banana was thrown at Dani Alves as he was getting set to take a corner kick.

Unfazed, the Barca defender picked up said banana, peeled it and took a nice big, satisfying bite before going on about his business.

After the match, Alves said humor is the best way to kick racism to the  curb.

"We have suffered this in Spain for some time. You have to take it with a dose of humor. We aren’t going to change things easily.

"If you don’t give it importance, they don’t achieve their objective."

That’s right, bigots. Dani Alves eats your racism for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ain’t no thang.


Anelka in hot water for controversial goal celebration


Photo courtesy of Action Images.

You’d figure players would learn by now not to celebrate goals with controversial gestures. But Nicolas Anelka became the latest professional to engulf himself in debate after celebrating his first of two goals against West Ham with a gesture described in his native France as a “Nazi salute in reverse.”

The gesture, as seen above, is dubbed 'la quenelle' and was made infamous by French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, who faces a ban from performing in his country for a history of sending anti-Semitic jibes in his shows. Dieudonne has also repeatedly been fined for hate speech, but apparently he’s found a fan in Anelka.

In fact, here’s a picture of Anelka doing the pose with M’bala M’bala himself:

imageImage via 101GG

West Brom manager Stewart Downing said Anelka’s celebration was dedicated to Dieudonne, and that anything else read into the gesture "is absolute rubbish."

Anelka won’t likely get a pass for repeating a gesture that many believe to have anti-Semitic connotations, even if he didn’t realize that at the time.

Whether the FA will take action against Anelka seems only a formality at this point, and rightly so. The Frenchman, who scored his first goals of the season Saturday (and first in the English game in two and a half years) may, and should, have to wait a long time before getting a chance to add to his tally.


Youth team reportedly racially abused; walks off field

The Guardian reports anti-racism group Kick it Out is investigating a disturbing incident that saw Watford’s U-19 side leave the pitch after alleged racial abuse in Italy.

Watford were playing Latina Calcio in a youth cup game when they were removed from the field by their manager, Dave Hughes, following an incident. Video is above, and you can see the side begin to walk off the pitch around the 5:35 mark.


American forward Jozy Altidore was the target of racist chants Tuesday during AZ Alkmaar’s 5-0 win over second-tier Den Boscha in the quarterfinals of the Dutch Cup.

The game was stopped by referee Reinold Wiedemeijer, but Altidore himself asked for it to be continued and he scored with a penalty. He has won praise for his calm response to the situation.

Here now is a video clip of Altidore’s interview following the racial abuse that he suffered during the Dutch cup match.


Udinese defender Danilo was sentenced to 1 year in jail in his native Brazil for a racist attack in a 2010 Copa de Brasil match. The video above catches Danilo in the act; he spat on his opponent and reportedly called him a “monkey.”

Given that Danilo will more than likely appeal, the sentence is likely to be reduced, and he may just get away with a fine. Still, let’s hope this serve as a big warning for all players to stop racism on the field.


AC Milan midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng left the field in protest after being the victim of what his club described as racist abuse during a friendly on Thursday.

It was quickly established that play would not restart. Milan’s official website, acmilan.com:

"AC Milan leaves the pitch after racist abuse by a minority of Pro Patria fans at Boateng, (Mbaye) Niang, (Urby) Emanuelson and (Sulley) Muntari. The rest of the fans in the stands disassociated themselves from such racist events."

Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri told reporters: “We are disappointed and saddened by what has happened. Milan play for the right to respect all players. We need to stop these uncivilized gestures.

Read more here.