Balotelli is at it again, trolls teammates in practice

It wasn’t too long ago when Mario Balotelli was pouting on Manchester City’s bench and causing trouble on and off the pitch — remember the practice dust-up between him and former Man City manager Roberto Mancini? Though Balotelli was generally regarded as the team’s official prankster,  once his standing within the team soured, so did his mood. By the time he left City, nobody was laughing at his shenanigans anymore.

But now that he is back in his beloved Italy, Balotelli has transformed from clubhouse cancer back to class clown. We’ve already seen him do this:


And this:

And this week, Balotelli was up to some more tricks, this time nutmegging Cristian Zapata and M’Baye Niang without them even realizing it:

Another successful stunt on the board! We can only guess who Super Mario’s next victims will be, but we do know this: when Balotelli’s happy, we’re happy.


Mario Balotelli has his car TP’d after refusing to sign autographs

imageImage: LiberaTV

According to LiberaTV,  AC Milan star Mario Balotelli denied a group of youngsters autographs and paid dearly for it - his Ferrari was wrapped with toilet paper in a classic act of revenge.

Now, it’s practically impossible for athletes to grant every single autograph request, but this might be a lesson for Super Mario and other star athletes.   And hopefully for them, other teens won’t take a lesson from these pranksters!

Next time, Mario, when asked by a few young fans, just play it safe and scribble those signatures. It’s not that hard.