Lecce Winger Ousmane Dramè’s Monday night sexcapade gone wrong


Blogging Gods, we accept and thank you for your gift.

Italian third-division side Lecce had to deal with a rather bizarre police report this week after winger Ousmane Dramè reportedly attempted to solicit the services from a Nigerian prostitute with his iPhone 5 as his form of payment.

According to Italian news agency ANSA, the 20-year-old Frenchmen then apparently changed his mind about giving up his iPhone (who can blame him?) and allegedly stole the prostitute’s purse and took off on a bicycle.

Wait, it gets weirder. ANSA published further details:

A Lecce soccer player was charged Monday for (ed: allegedly) stealing a purse from a prostitute and fleeing by bicycle after reneging on a deal to give her his iPhone 5 for sex.

Ousmane Dramè, a French national and striker for the third-division club, was reportedly chased down by a transsexual friend of the robbed Nigerian streetwalker after the incident early Monday.

Police also charged Dramè with injuring the transsexual when he allegedly tripped him as he tried to wrest the purse from his hands.

Oh that is all? Just your typical Monday night out then.

The club reacted with a statement on its website claiming they would suspend Dramé and terminate his contract if the “facts were confirmed.”