Brentford gain promotion to Championship, both fans and players go nuts

League One side Brentford FC needed all the stars to align to secure promotion to the Championship on Friday.

First, they had to beat Preston North End. Check:

Next, they needed both Leyton Orient and Rotherham to lose. Orient’s match ended just before the Bees won, so that result was secure.

But could Wolverhampton beat Rotherham? This video contains that answer pretty definitively:

And of course, no promotion would be complete without emotional fans letting it all out on the pitch:

Finally, after all was said and done in the Bees’ 2013-14 season, the players went down to the pub to celebrate with their loyal supporters. Party on, y’all. You deserve it!

Congratulations Brentford. It’s been a long time since you’ve been in the Championship — more than two decades — so enjoy while it lasts.


Belgian club offers fans chance to go on a date with supermodel

Still looking for a Valentine? Yeah, same here…

Well, there’s still hope. If you’re incredibly charming and can afford a quick trip over to Europe, you could still go on a date with a former Miss Belgium!

Pro League side Zulte Waregem are staging a competition to win a date with Belgian model Joke van de Velde. According to the Daily Mail, one lucky fan will receive a pair of VIP tickets to the club’s home match vs Cercle Brugge on Saturday.

Ah, what could be better than spending a cold night in February watching Belgian football, cuddling up to a model?! 

Van de Velde is a famous face in Belgium and won the country’s top  pageant back in 2000. That might be 14 years ago, but she still looks like this:

imageImage via Daily Mail

So yeah, get your submissions in.

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Lecce ultras invade pitch after team misses promotion to Serie B

US Lecce has seen some rough times. After being relegated from Serie A two years ago, Lecce was forced down to Italy’s third division due to the club’s involvement in 2011’s Italian match-fixing scandal

Having bounced between Serie A and B for the past three decades, you can imagine that the Lecce faithful weren’t particularly happy playing in the lower tiers, and the fans’ anger boiled over after losing the promotion playoffs to Serie B against Capri this weekend.

Once the full-time whistle blew, Lecce ultras invaded the pitch and began causing havoc, kicking stewards and throwing objects down the players’ tunnel. According to reports, Lecce fans later burned a police SUV outside the stadium as well.


Premier League, Surviving on top: Part Three

In the final segment of our examination of the history and impact of relegation from the Premier League, we focus on the financial difficulties of relegated clubs.

Along with money lost from television deals, teams also lose significant money from lack of sponsorship income and a historically lowered attendance. To combat this, teams are given parachute payments.

Every year, teams receive payments based on how many years they have been a victim of relegation. The payments gets smaller each year and stay at a fixed level after year 4 of relegation.

In total, teams that have been relegated average a loss of $71,000,000 the year after relegation. Nine clubs have actually gone bankrupt within 5 years of being relegated.


Premier League, Surviving on Top: Part two


In part two of our examination of the history and impact of relegation from the Premier League, we take a look at the statistical odds and financial impact for each club.

There is still hope for recently-relegated Wigan, Reading, and QPR. Clubs that are relegated to the Championship have a 60% chance of returning to the Premier League the following season — though none that were relegated last year made their way back.

For clubs that are promoted to the Premier League, there is an 82% chance that they will be relegated the following year, evidenced by Reading this year. Newly promoted Cardiff City hopes to channel the momentum to make sure that doesn’t happen next year:

The financial implications of relegation cannot be overstated. Next season, Premier League clubs will receive 30 times more yearly revenue from TV rights than teams in the Championship. Just one year of relegation can cripple a team’s finances.


Tomorrow, we look at the relegation hardships that teams endure, as well as the compensation received to help soften the financial blow. All of this is leading up to FOX Soccer’s coverage of the final Premier League matchday with nine games live on broadcast across the FOX family of networks.



Kei Kamara returns to KC, throws party at Chipotle

Kei Kamara earned himself plenty of new admirers during his loan spell at Premier League outfit Norwich City, but Kansas City is sure glad to have him back!

After Kamara’s loan deal ended this weekend, the striker celebrated his KC homecoming by throwing a party at Chipotle. The first 100 fans who showed up were treated to a free dinner and some quality time with Kei, who even handed out some free tickets to Sporting’s next game against Seattle Sounders.

And thus, the hashtag #ChipotlePartyWithKei was born:


Cardiff fans celebrate first Premier League promotion


Image via @DeanGard86

Cardiff City fans are just a little bit excited about their club’s first promotion to the Premier League.

Alright, maybe more than a little. After securing a spot in England’s top division next season, the fans rushed the pitch, creating this wild and crazy scene.

The Welsh club’s won promotion came exactly 53 years to the day since they last won promotion to soccer’s top tier, but a first since the Premier League came into being.

Party in Cardiff tonight!