Ticked-off Mourinho walks out on media; Meanwhile, loaned-out Lukaku keeps scoring

Jose Mourinho continued his never-ending feud with the media on Monday by walking out of the obligatory Champions League press conference. The reason? More inquiries over Mourinho’s player selection, or rather, player non-selection.

Already agitated by the month-long drama surrounding Juan Mata’s lack of playing time, Mourinho lost it when a reporter asked about the absence of Kevin de Bruyne on Chelsea’s 18-man roster for the upcoming tilt at Steaua Bucharest.

"This is fantastic because nobody asks me about Mata," Mourinho said. "You are for three weeks speaking about Mata, and now you are speaking about Kevin de Bruyne. So you are not interested in the players that are playing? You are interested in the players that are not playing."

Mourinho then quickly defended his decision to leave out the Belgian starlet before deserting Frank Lampard at the podium.

It’s a good thing the press conference wasn’t held a few hours later, or else Mourinho may have gotten bombarded with even more questions about players he’s been passing on. Namely, why he decided to loan out Romelu Lukaku for another year.

Everton’s rental striker netted two goals and assisted on the Toffees’ third in their 3-2 win over Newcastle on Monday. That brings Lukaku’s Premier League goal tally to three after just two appearances for Everton, exactly three more goals than all of Chelsea’s strikers combined so far.

image"Here’s looking at you, Mou"


Angry fans throw chairs at club chairman (no pun intended but intended)

Getting relegated always makes for an uncomfortable next press conference. When it happens to be the first relegation in the club’s 108-year history - in the soccer hotbed of Argentina, no less - it’s downright a nightmare.

Club Atletico Independiente president Javier Cantero can vouch for that first hand after his team dropped from Argentina’s top flight for the first time since its founding in 1904.

Cantero’s season-ending press conference was suddenly interrupted by a mob of angry fans who began flinging chairs at Cantero and any poor soul with him on stage. With the mob calling for his head (his resignation), Cantero was forced to flee the scene.

Next time, maybe send your spokesman out there instead?

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-Thomas Hautmann (@HautmannOnFOX)


Neymar unveiled at the Nou Camp, shows off juggling skills

Neymar has finally made the official move to Barcelona, signing a five-year contract with the La Liga powerhouse. On Monday, he was introduced at a press conference and also was brought out onto the pitch for the first time.

Tens of thousands of fans waited for over an hour just to get a glimpse of their new Brazilian striker, and how did the young striker respond? By juggling a ball, of course.

It’s as if the team wants fans to think that by proving that he can keep the ball up in the air for 45 seconds straight, they can rest assured that the rumored 30 million euro transfer fee was money well spent.

Juggling skills aside, Neymar couldn’t hold back his excitement:

"I am very happy, very moved to be a Barcelona player and fulfill my dream. I want to help the team. I have come to add my part so that Lionel Messi continues to be the best player in the world."

Time will tell how the two stars will co-exist, but one thing is for sure, excitement and optimism are running high in Barcelona.


Paolo Di Canio goes into furious rant at his own team

You’d think that with the season being over, it might be possible for Paolo Di Canio to finally take a nap.

Nope. Not so. Instead, the Sunderland manager launched an angry attack on the discipline of his team after Phil Bardsley was pictured laying on the floor of a casino covered in £50 notes.

Yes, we suggest watching the entire thing.

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