2013 in Review: Best Pitch Invaders

In case you haven’t noticed, we post a lot of videos of crazy fans — or animals — interrupting football games. They are an essential part of this blog. Without them, we are only half of what we’d be. A PB&J sandwich without the jelly. A kite without a string.

Our personal favorite of the year came from the lower divisions of Brazil’s promotion playoff system. A team masseuse of one team jumped onto the field and made an illegal save to keep his team from elimination, before running for his dear life out of the stadium:

He might still be running.

As previously noted, sometimes animals want to join in on the fun. Squirrels or chicken usually don’t stir up much trouble, but others can get quite feisty, like the notorious pine marten:

Or worse…bees!


Not all pitch invasions are traumatizing. Some actually have a happy ending. In what was one of the most touching moments of the year, a young fan ran onto the field during the International Champions Cup to give Cristiano Ronaldo a long embrace:

As you may remember, the fan faced criminal charges for his excursion - trespassing and disorderly conduct. But Ronaldo, perhaps touched by the sweet nothings his biggest fan whispered in his ears that day, sent a personal letter appealing prosecutors to drop the charges. They listened, and the young fan now owes Ronaldo another hug.


Masseur invades pitch to help team advance in playoffs

It’s playoff time to decide promotion in Brazil’s lower divisions, a time and place where absolutely anything can happen. Case in point: In the Serie D playoffs, a brazen staff member jumped onto the field to make an illegal save to keep his team from elimination!

Aparecidence were tied 2-2 against Tupi, but about to advance to the quarterfinal stage on away goals when Tupi striker Ademilson was clear on goal. Already having beat the goalkeeper, Ademilson was sure to score the tie-winning goal. Then, incredibly, a team masseur of Aparecidence stepped in to make two stops before running for his life and out of the Tupi stadium.

Aparecidence hung on for the aggregate victory, but Tupi are reportedly  looking to appeal to the courts and have the result reversed.

The video evidence above leaves little doubt as to what happened.

(H/T World Soccer Talk)


Lecce ultras invade pitch after team misses promotion to Serie B

US Lecce has seen some rough times. After being relegated from Serie A two years ago, Lecce was forced down to Italy’s third division due to the club’s involvement in 2011’s Italian match-fixing scandal

Having bounced between Serie A and B for the past three decades, you can imagine that the Lecce faithful weren’t particularly happy playing in the lower tiers, and the fans’ anger boiled over after losing the promotion playoffs to Serie B against Capri this weekend.

Once the full-time whistle blew, Lecce ultras invaded the pitch and began causing havoc, kicking stewards and throwing objects down the players’ tunnel. According to reports, Lecce fans later burned a police SUV outside the stadium as well.


Bursaspor goalkeeper Harun Tekin must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed or something. Usually, when a fan runs onto the pitch, the invader is greeted by smiles and some head-shaking from the players (heck, Messi apparently even hugs them). But not Mr. Tekin, ohhh no!

Tekin, probably upset over his team’s impending 2-0 loss to Kasimpasa, didn’t even let the pitch invader get past his six yard box, pummeling the poor lad with a flurry of left and right hooks. Maybe Tekin should consider taking up boxing to let out his rage.

As Cristiano Ronaldo might say, “Calma! Calma!”


Bees, chicken want in on the soccer pitch invader fun

More and more animals are displacing humans as pitch invaders these days, and it seems they’re also having much more success evading the stewards!

Last week, it was the wild marten that took a Swiss league match (and eventually all of us) by storm and even bit a player, and now we got the chickens of Blackburn and the bees of Brazil causing a stir.

First, watch as this chicken is unfazed by the Steward’s attempts at catching it, evading it time after time before hopping back over the advertising boards. To the disappointment of the crowd, that’s where the chick’s adventure abruptly ended.

Meanwhile in a Brazilian match over the weekend, fans had nothing to laugh at. A swarm of bees (cue Nic Cage) gathered on the crossbar during a game between Ponte Preta and Atletico Sorocab, causing mass hysteria and a 15-minute delay. Amazingly, the fire department had to be called to the rescue after burning the bees alive didn’t quite get the job done!