Iniesta ignores young pitch invader while she hugs him

We’re sure that Andres Iniesta normally loves the support of his fans, but when a young girl ran onto the field to hug her idol after Barcelona’s loss to Granada on Saturday, we can’t blame him for trying to brush her off.

Her timing was less than ideal: it was during a TV interview. After a loss. To a team that hasn’t defeated your club since 1972.

Come on, kiddo. Not cool.

You have to give her credit for her commitment to the hug. That girl has a death-grip on Iniesta’s waist. But was it worth the inevitable months of being grounded?


This might be the strangest pitch invader yet

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, along comes Betty Boop.

During Marseille’s 1-1 draw with Sochaux, a fan interrupted Mathieu Valbuena while he set up to take a corner kick.

Why would someone would bring this doll into a soccer stadium? You know what, don’t answer that. We probably don’t want to know.

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Young pitch invader shakes lazy security guards

Playing ‘Tag’ is so much more fun when people actually try to catch you!

A little boy decided to invade the pitch during River Plate’s 2-0 win against Lanus last weekend, but to his disappointment, few if any of the security guards or players on the pitch made much of an effort to capture the young renegade.

The boy taunted the disinterested guards like a heavyweight champ, twirling around the field and doing several of these gestures, to no avail:


Finally, the boy just started running at the guards, like a bull at a matador, only to juke them out at the last second.

The fun eventually stopped when the kid either ran out of energy, or simply got too bored. The lesson here, as always: if you don’t give kids’ shenanigans any attention, they’ll stop on their own.

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Fan #DaresToZlatan, gets rewarded

LE BEAU GESTE DE ZLATAN by footeo-clubeo Game recognize game!

A young fan stormed the field following PSG’s 1-0 win at FC Lorient on Friday with only one goal in mind: get Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s shirt. Remembering what he learned from the Great Zlatan’s recent Twitter lecture, the fan daringly sprinted over and slid in front of Ibrahimovic, before asking for — and receiving — his hero’s jersey. He even got a hug out of it!

See? That’s what happens when you #DareToZlatan.

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Little boy interrupts Brazil friendly, Neymar handles introductions



At the end of Brazil’s 5-0 friendly win against South Africa in Johannesburg, a little boy ran onto the pitch looking to greet his idols, and sure enough, he got that chance! Despite security’s efforts to retrieve the “pitch invader,” Neymar ran over to the boy, picked him up, and introduced him to the entire team.

It’s precisely moments like this that give soccer its reputation as “The Beautiful Game.”


Photos: Getty Images


There is now video of the adorableness.


Who let the dogs out!? Four-legged pitch invaders make for wild weekend

What the bark is going on around here!?

On the same weekend a husky interrupted a pitch over in England, two videos have trickled out of South America showing more dogs running wild.

In a Brazilian Paraense match (Para state championship division), between Remo and Paysandu, one furry pitch invader couldn’t resist getting in on the action, successfully breaking up a Remo attack. The players couldn’t get mad at it, though. Just look how cute it is pouncing around!

And at least that canine didn’t leave a deposit right in the six-yard box.

Yup, that’s exactly what happened over in Argentina’s first division.  During Rosario Central’s game against River Plate, a dog literally ran on the pitch, took a squat right in front of the Rosario goal, and went Number 2 without a care in the world:

Man, it must be so sweet to be a dog.

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Husky invades pitch, delays start to League One match

English football had problems with Mother Nature this past week, with several matches being delayed or suspended due to extreme weather. But on Sunday, it was a dog that briefly held up a League One fixture between Crewe and Brentford.

Just as the teams were set to kick off, a large husky ran onto the pitch at Gresty Road, to the amazement of everyone involved.

We’ve seen plenty of animals — from chicken to squirrels — get lost on a soccer pitch before, but a husky is a first!

image(Picture: Reuters)

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2013 in Review: Best Pitch Invaders

In case you haven’t noticed, we post a lot of videos of crazy fans — or animals — interrupting football games. They are an essential part of this blog. Without them, we are only half of what we’d be. A PB&J sandwich without the jelly. A kite without a string.

Our personal favorite of the year came from the lower divisions of Brazil’s promotion playoff system. A team masseuse of one team jumped onto the field and made an illegal save to keep his team from elimination, before running for his dear life out of the stadium:

He might still be running.

As previously noted, sometimes animals want to join in on the fun. Squirrels or chicken usually don’t stir up much trouble, but others can get quite feisty, like the notorious pine marten:

Or worse…bees!


Not all pitch invasions are traumatizing. Some actually have a happy ending. In what was one of the most touching moments of the year, a young fan ran onto the field during the International Champions Cup to give Cristiano Ronaldo a long embrace:

As you may remember, the fan faced criminal charges for his excursion - trespassing and disorderly conduct. But Ronaldo, perhaps touched by the sweet nothings his biggest fan whispered in his ears that day, sent a personal letter appealing prosecutors to drop the charges. They listened, and the young fan now owes Ronaldo another hug.


Old lady invades pitch, menacingly scolds security

This elderly woman meant business when she marched onto the pitch at Sporting Braga’s final match of 2013 against fellow Portuguese top flight club Maritimo.

From her intense finger wagging scold to the evil smile as she heads back to the stands, this old lady knew she wouldn’t be touched. You don’t mess with granny.

She might be our favorite soccer hooligan ever.

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Wayward squirrel chased off field during QPR match

imageImage: Getty

QPR’s home match against Leicester City was stopped for a good five minutes after a squirrel made its way onto the pitch and refused to leave. Nuts!

Thankfully, Leicester striker David Nugent heroically chased the furry pitch invader off the field, flailing his arms wildly to the delight of the crowd at Loftus Road.