Bayer Leverkusen scores phantom goal

Bayer Leverkusen took on Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga on Friday, and scored a “goal” as few have ever seen before. That’s because it wasn’t really a goal at all.

In real-time, it looks like Stefan Kiessling’s shot ends up in the back of the net. And technically it does — but only because it went wide of the goal and squeezed through a hole in the side netting!

But the ref, who doesn’t have the luxury of instant replay, awarded Leverkusen the goal anyway. It would end up being the match-winner in a 2-1 Leverkusen victory.

We would call this the wackiest Bundesliga goal scored ever, but it’s hardly the first time the phantoms have bit the Bundesliga. Check out Thomas Helmer’s for Bayern Munich against Nurnberg way back in 1994.