Head-scratcher: What has Pepe done to his hair?

No, seriously, we want to know. What has Pepe done to his hair?

The summer can be a bit boring for some footballers, but certainly there’s a better way than THAT to spice things up.

His hair looks like a bare tree!


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Maybe it’s a defensive technique, since someone could poke an eye out going up for a header against him.

What makes matters worse is he’s currently in California for the International Champions Cup. If this becomes the next American fad hairstyle, we’re calling it quits. Bring back the Bieber … anything!

Hopefully Pepe lost a bet, and this coiffure nightmare is all just a joke that will soon disappear. 

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Pepe gets head stapled, returns to match after ugly collision

Crimson mask!

During Real Madrid’s Champions League match against Copenhagen on Wednesday, bruising defender Pepe, for once, found himself on the short end of an aerial collision. Suffering a huge gash over his right eye, Pepe was writhing in pain for several minutes before trainers came on to staple him back together.


You tend to have a little less sympathy when something like this happens to a guy who is notorious for dishing out horror tackles and general roughhousing. Still, you must commend Pepe for his toughness on this occasion.

Pepe later took to Twitter to thank his doctors and tell his fans he’s doing well:


Real Madrid defender on Pellegrini’s radar

Manchester City is starting to show the world it means business when it comes to transfers in the summer window. With strikers Stevan Jovetic and Alvaro Negredo in the bag, thoughts have now turned towards shoring up a backline which many regarded as shaky last season. City are thought to be preparing a $33.63 million bid for Real Madrid defender Pepe to play alongside Vincent Kompany. There are plenty of other rumors in this morning’s papers, with Roberto Soldado, Didier Drogba, Gonzalo Higuain and, of course, Wayne Rooney top of the agenda. Click here for the best gossip around.


Man City weigh up fresh Pepe bid

On a day where Manchester United could be set to lose one of their key players to a rival club, Manchester City continue to be pro-active in the transfer market.

The latest rumor to hit the tabloids is City moving for Real Madrid’s star defender Pepe. The club have reportedly made a previous offer and are poised to re-enter the bidding war.

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Tottenham to move for Moutinho?


After Sunday’s disappointment - with Tottenham missing out on the last Champions League spot - boss Andre Villas-Boas has been told he will given major backing in the summer transfer window.

Villas-Boas, frustrated on previous occasions to sign Joao Moutinho, will make the Porto star his main target with a host of other names on the manager’s wishlist.

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