Preserving the pain: Chilean player tattoos his missed goal on back

One Chilean player has given new meaning to the idea of never forgetting.

Striker Mauricio Pinilla almost won the game for his team against Brazil in the round of 16, sending a curling strike just over the bar.

Brazil went on to win the match in penalties.

But for Pinilla, that miss will now have a permanent place … on his back … in ink.

Pinilla also missed one of the penalty kicks that kept Chile from advancing. That one was not inked on his back.

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Neymar scores cheeky penalty kick in Brazil training

If Brazil need someone to take a penalty kick during the World Cup, expect Neymar to assume the responsibility. And don’t be surprised to see some trickery, as well.

During a recent training session, the Barcelona forward fooled the (admittedly disinterested) goalkeeper with a brilliant new technique: striking the ball with the left foot while winding up with the right.

It’s important to reiterate that this is Neymar we’re talking about. We could totally see him get away with this in a real match, though it remains to be seen if he would really risk it.

You’re not Neymar. So please don’t try this out at your Sunday league games. Or it might end up looking a bit like this:

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This is either the best or worst penalty ever (definitely best)

It’s not easy to come up with a new routine for penalty kick. Aside from those who venture to try a Panenka or a stutter step, kicks from the spot tend to be pretty straightforward.

But now, thanks to Ashad Ali Adubarey, we have a new technique: the flop.

At first glance it seems like Adubarey screwed up royally. But then you watch it again (and again and again) and it’s clear this was totally on purpose.

And not only was this purposeful, it was incredibly bold. Adubarey didn’t try out this new technique in just any old match. This was during the AFC Challenge Cup third-place match. His side, Maldives, would end up defeating Afghanistan 8-7 on penalties to secure third in the tournament.

It’s a good thing this worked for Adubarey, or he’d have some very annoyed teammates. And we’re guessing he won’t try this one again.

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Is this the worst penalty attempt ever?

When the Panenka penalty is done right, it’s a thing of beauty. A seemingly effortless flick of the boot that floats into the back of the net whilst the keeper dives aside.

When the Panenka penalty is done wrong, it’s also a thing of beauty — but for an entirely different reason.

Behold, in an amateur match between Swords Celtic and Lorcan Celtic, as Swords forward Mark O’Brien gives this bit of skill a whirl to disastrous effect.

With his side already up 4-0, O’Brien walks up to the spot and dinks a ball with about as much force as a kitten sneeze. It one-hops right into the arms of the Lorcan keeper, who remained statuesque in goal.

Of course, now that the clip has hit the internet, O’Brien has opted for some damage control. He took to Twitter to claim his teammate won the penalty on a dive, so O’Brien muffed the penalty on purpose in a show of sportsmanship.

Hmm, not sure we’re convinced.

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Goalkeeper converts first-ever penalty for match-winner

Universidad de Chile fans must have been rubbing their eyes in disbelief when Johnny Herrera stepped up to take a penalty kick in a scoreless game against Copa Libertadores opponents Real Garcilas. Why?

A) Herrera has never taken a penalty kick before

B) Herrara is the team’s goalkeeper.

Though most players — let alone goalkeepers — without any penalty experience would shy away from the spot, Herrara stepped up, and, wouldn’t you know it, coolly struck it past his opposite number Diego Carranza.

It was the only goal of the match and sent Universidad de Chile to the top of their group, proving the old adage true yet again: No guts, no glory.

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All in the family: Kevin Hart takes on Joe Hart in PK shootout

If you think you’ve seen a lot from comedian Kevin Hart recently, it’s because you have. The funnyman is featured in two movies on the silver screen at the moment and scheduled to be in two more in 2014. All the while, hes been making commercials, TV show cameos, touring and seemingly promoting his stuff non-stop.

So it’s impressive that Hart somehow found the time to stop in at Manchester City to meet up with his “cousin” Joe Hart and take part in a friendly penalty shootout. Even better: despite having never played soccer in his entire life, Kevin buried one in the left corner past Joe, who was probably dying with laughter at Kevin’s interesting form.

"Bend it like Beckham!! AHHH!!!"

As far as we’re concerned, you can never have enough Kevin Hart.


Mourinho defends Chelsea’s gift penalty vs. West Brom


(Photo: Action Images)

West Brom were robbed of their first win at Stamford Bridge in 35 years on a controversial late penalty call Saturday.

In the fourth minute of stoppage time, Ramires went down in the box after bumping into Baggies defender Steven Reid. There was contact, but quite clearly no foul. It actually seems like Ramires started to fall before making any contact with Reid. Referee Andre Marriner took a few seconds before pointing to the spot, Eden Hazard stepped up, and coolly slotted home to tie the game, 2-2.

A gift, everyone would agree. Except Jose Mourinho, of course.

"Yes, I think it was a penalty. I watched it from different angles. I’m sure it was a penalty," said Mourinho, who on the late goal remained unbeaten at home as Chelsea manager.

Hate him or love him, you’ve got to admire “The Special One” for his guts, to say outrageous things like this. Even better, Mourinho then began complaining about the officials, suggesting that Chelsea were actually the ones wronged!

Mourinho said Marriner had “a very unhappy game” and that “[West Brom’s] second goal was a big mistake by the ref” He claimed Chelsea should have gotten a free kick before the second goal, and that the Blues should never have been down.

Mourinho trying to spin another story? That’s so unlike him!