Massive World Cup barbecuing making Chile’s smog worse


Hold your breath, Chilean fans, it’s going to be a smoggy night.

Chile’s government is requesting that soccer fans don’t participate in the national pastime of barbecuing during World Cup matches because of air pollution. 

Apparently, the clouds of smoke coming from the grills full of charred meats are exacerbating Santiago’s pollution problem. The additional smoke from burning charcoal during Chile’s match against Australia on June 13 nearly reached the level of an environmental emergency. Before Wednesday’s match, officials declared a “pre-emergency,” banning wood-burning stoves, restricting the use of cars and ordering the closure of more than 1,000 companies.

From the BBC:

“When we have low winds and we’re at critical levels what we are saying is that people should avoid burning charcoal because that makes the air quality worse,” said Claudio Orrego, the government official responsible for the Santiago region, on Wednesday. “I’ve been the butt of a lot of jokes for this and I take it with humor, but I also urge people to take it seriously.”

But after Chile’s historic win over Spain, good luck keeping Chileans from their celebratory “asado.”

(h/t Bloomberg)


Jurgen Klopp sets players loose to party in Madrid


Beloved manager Jurgen Klopp could probably run for Lord Mayor of Dortmund right now after his Borussia Dortmund team secured their spot in the Champions League final. If he did, his players would likely be the first to sprint to the ballot boxes after he set them loose to party in Madrid on Tuesday night.

 “We play Bayern at the weekend, but we also have a day’s more rest than them, so I won’t deny the team that chance to go out and celebrate,” Klopp said after his side secured their spot in the Champions League final. “Nuri [Sahin] apparently knows his way around Madrid, or so I’ve heard. I’ll stay in the hotel and have a few beers there.”

“I’ll definitely not deny the players’ celebrations – what kind of muppet would I be if I did?”

If Klopp were Lord Mayor of Dortmund, his first order of business would definitely be to throw a big, beer-filled party. And there would be dancing. Lots of dorky, goofy dancing.