League Two side lose in 89th minute because of wacky own goal

It just wasn’t in the cards for Oxford United on Saturday.

The League Two side are in the hunt for a promotion playoff spot, along with their weekend opponent Dagenham & Redbridge. With only six weeks left in the season, every point is crucial. After making it almost the full 90 minutes without conceding, this happened:

Ouch. Not only is that one of the more unfortunate own goals we’ve ever seen, it was the game-winner — and put Oxford’s playoff spot in jeopardy.

Daggers boss Wayne Burnett joked after the match, “It was a brilliant goal, we’ve been working on that all week,” he said.

We doubt the U’s and their fans were laughing.

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World mistakes striker’s undershirt message as tribute to cartoon dog

imageImage via Twitter/@sambagnallphoto

If you needed any more proof that we all watch too much TV, here it is.

Wolverhampton striker Leigh Griffiths scored in a League One match Tuesday, and simply wanted to dedicate the goal to a family member who had recently passed on.

He lifted his shirt to reveal the message, “R.I.P Brian.”

Have you figured it out yet?

As most people with internet access know, another, more widely-known Brian passed away recently — the dog from the hit FOX comedy show Family Guy. The show killed off its lovable, four-legged character in Sunday’s episode, causing such a massive uproar among fans that it has caught the attention of even occasional TV viewers. It even triggered an online petition on Change.com, which reads:

"The writers of family guy didn’t just kill off one of their creations, they killed off the dog who has lived in our homes for the last 15 years. They killed the dog we all have come to love. They killed America’s dog!"

Clearly, this has been a huge deal.

So on Tuesday, when Griffiths revealed his undershirt — OK, this is too weird. The guy’s name is almost Griffin — many thought they put two and two together and reported that the Wolves player had pulled off a cheeky tribute to Brian the cartoon character! Even Wolverhampton’s newspaper thought so (the tweet has since been deleted):

The rumor made its round to many social media outlets, before his club team eventually cleared up the misinterpretation:

It’s hard to say what Griffiths thought of the mix-up as his Twitter account is private, but we would like to think he’s happy. After all, his tribute has now been seen by quite a few more people than he thought!

And for those still mourning TV Brian, here’s a special tribute:

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FAIL: French sports minister calls Ronaldo “Cristiano Ronaldo”

Well, this is awkward.

During a World Cup promotional event in Paris, French sports minister Valerie Fourneyron mistakenly introduced Brazilian legend Ronaldo as, wait for it, “Cristiano Ronaldo.”

To Ronaldo’s credit he just stands there and smiles as Fourneyron realizes her gaffe. If you recall, “El Fenomeno” was at the center of Verde-Amarela's disappointing 1998 World Cup run in France where the former Barcelona and Real Madrid great reportedly suffered convulsions in his sleep before Brazil's cup final match against France.

Sure, it’s been nearly three years since Ronaldo last played football, but this kind of mistake — in France of all places — cannot be a boost for the strength of Ronaldo’s legacy.

Or ego.

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Never seen an own goal from fifty yards out? Here’s your chance!

In a German fourth-tier match against 1860 Munich’s reserves team, FC Schweinfurt midfielder Stefan Seufert managed to score a stunning own goal from just about the halfway line!

Whether Seufert was attempting a clearance, a long back-pass to his goalkeeper, or mixed up which half of the field his team was defending in we’ll never know. We are fairly certain, though, that Seufert can lay claim to the longest own goal of the year.

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Harry Redknapp gets hit in head with ball, QPR promptly concedes equalizer

Poor Harry. He just can’t stay out of the way from comical incidents at his expense.

On Saturday, with his QPR side up 2-1 at Millwall, a fan tried to throw a ball back onto the pitch, but hit Redknapp in the head instead. As you can see, Harry was none too pleased about this stunt, and began cursing out the fan.

Those sly Millwall hooligans, always up to some mischief! They must’ve known how much I hate getting hit by balls

Compounding Harry’s headache, QPR promptly conceded the slim lead just seconds later (while Redknapp was still giving it to the fan), and in stoppage time no less.

He shouldn’t stay too mad for too long, considering QPR are still unbeaten in Championship play. Let’s just hope the knock to the head doesn’t stop Harry from churning out his next autobiography.

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Daniel Agger gives young fan shirt after plunking him with ball

Well, that’s one way to go about getting a soccer player’s shirt.

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger, training with Denmark’s national team, sent a wayward ball that wound up finding the face of an unsuspecting kid behind the goal.

Upon realizing he’d drilled someone, Agger, ever the nice gent that he is, went to go check on the fan.

Cool enough, right? Well, it gets even cooler. Agger then hopped over the barrier — much to the amusement of the other kids — to make sure the youngster was OK.

After a short conversation, the Danish international then gave the dazed boy his shirt.

What a memorable experience! And in case the woozy fan might be a little foggy on the details, he can just turn to the tape.

(h/t TalkSport.com)


Viktoria Plzen keeper gifts goal to CSKA Moscow in brutal fashion

Oh man, that hurts.

Wednesday’s early Champions League tilt between Viktoria Plzen and CSKA Moscow offered a truly shoddy display of goalkeeping by Plzen netminder Matus Kozacik.

CSKA Moscow mounted an attack after a turnover by Plzen in midfield, but Radim Reznik seemingly snuffed out the chance with a back pass to Kozacik.

Unfortunately for Kozacik, he forgot to actually control the pass, and the ball trickled into his own goal to make the score 3-1 in CSKA’s favor. What an absolute howler.

To make matters worse, Plzen managed to scrape another goal in stoppage time, which conceivably would have given them a draw in the contest.

But alas, they’ll be resigned to remember the time their keeper thought he was stopping a beach ball instead of a soccer ball.