John Terry nutmegged by his own son after Man United win

Chelsea captain John Terry had himself a good day on Sunday, as his side beat Manchester United 3-1 behind a hat trick from Samuel Eto’o. But the best trick of the game may have occurred well after the final whistle.

Playing with his two kids on the Stamford Bridge pitch after the match, Terry was nutmegged by his son Georgie! And just seconds later, Terry gets Georgie back with a nutmeg of his own, just to make sure they know Daddy is still the best.

Thankfully TV cameras caught the moment. Maybe David Moyes can show his team how to get past the Chelsea defense next time.

H/T r/soccer

You don’t see this every day! BK Häcken goalkeeper Christoffer Kallqvist, instead of booting the ball safely up-field after receiving a back-pass, decides to nutmeg onrushing striker Marcus Ekenberg. Even Ekenberg went over to give the goalie his due on that one. Gutsy!

You don’t see this every day.

BK Häcken goalkeeper Christoffer Kallqvist, instead of kicking the ball safely up-field, decided to be cheeky and nutmeg onrushing striker Marcus Ekenberg. Luckily for Kallqvist it worked, thus avoiding a place in endless blooper reels. Even Ekenberg had to go over to the keeper afterwards and give him his due. Gutsy!


We’re always used to seeing Zlatan Ibrahimovic headlining trick moves past opposing defenders. But what happens when the tables are reversed?

Check out this lovely clip as Cameroon defender Aurelien Chedjou nutmegs Swedish star during Lille’s Ligue 1 match against Paris St. Germain.


Sadly for Chedjou, PSG claimed three points after his second half own goal handed the French giants an important league victory.